5 Household Projects to Keep You Busy During Quarantine

Posted April 21, 2020 by in Home
Tropical plants

So, we’re now a few weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing efforts. By now, you’re probably already done with catching up on your favorite shows, have tried out some new recipes, and are settling into this new normal whether it’s working from home or homeschooling your little ones. But now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get to those household projects that you’ve been meaning to do.

Here’s 5 great projects to keep you busy around the house during quarantine!

Household Projects to Keep You Busy During Quarantine

Organize Your Closet

This may not be everyone’s first choice, but trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself after. Spring cleaning can be fun! The opportunity to go through all your clothes, donate the things you don’t wear, throw out or fix the damaged items is exactly the fresh start to spring you need.

Then, check out Pinterest for some closet organizing tips to keep things neat and tidy, but trendy and modern. Still need some inspiration? Check out the series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to help you get in the mood!

closet with pastel colors

A Fresh Coat of Paint

With all this extra time at home, we’ve definitely had more time to notice every little imperfection, scratch and scuff that has developed over time in the house. So what better opportunity when you’re stuck at home to get a fresh coat of paint on those walls!

It’s also a great time to maybe change up the colors and try something new! Whatever you decide, this can also be a great activity for the family and can really be made fun. 

pink statement wall

Soundproof your Work Space

If you’re fortunate enough to be working from home during this time, you’ve likely made some jokes about how it’s not a blessing at all. Depending on the workspace and personal life, there may be countless distractions like kids, pets (or spouses) keeping you from staying focused.

Soundproofing your work space can make a big impact on your productivity, and can be really easy to do. It can be as simple as hanging thick blankets over doors and walls to muffle sounds, or even installing some soundproofing foam. 


Plant Some Plants

Houseplants are a great addition to the home for various reasons. They’re a bright, vibrant design feature to liven up a space. They have air purifying benefits that promote good health.

Planting some house plants, or repotting any that need bigger pots is a great easy project to take your mind off of things. Caring for plants is very meditative and good for the soul so get some plants in your space!

tropical plant in house

Condition Your Frying Pans & Furniture

When was the last time you conditioned your leather sofa? Last time you seasoned that cast iron pan? This is a great time to get around to those ‘maintenance’ items that you may have put off for some time. Did you know even those red non-stick pans should be seasoned from time to time?

Leather conditioner is cheap, and seasoning a cast iron skillet or copper pan just needs oil and your oven. This is a quick and easy project you’ll be thanking yourself for. 

woman washing dishes

Have you tackled any household projects since the stay-at-home orders were announced? Let us know in the comments below!