5 Important Things to Know Before Going to Your First Psychic Reading

Posted September 30, 2019 by in Lifestyle

If you’re going to your first psychic reading, you’ve probably already been told a lot of things. You may have been told you’ll have an amazing experience or you may have been warned to stay away altogether. 

Perhaps you feel nervous, excited and wary all at the same time. You may have an idea of what you want to take away from the experience, but before you get your hopes up, take a look at these important things to know.

5 Important Things to Know Before Going to Your First Psychic Reading

  1. You May Not Get the Message You Want

Many people visit psychics because they want to hear from a specific person or want a specific question answered. However, more often than not, this doesn’t happen. This may not mean that the psychic you visit is a fraud. In fact, quite the opposite.

Someone posing as a psychic is likely to offer you the information you ask for, whether it’s true or not. A genuine psychic has no control over the information they’re given. This could mean that you get information you may not be looking for. 

Most true psychics will tell you that the information they give is usually what you need, rather than what you want.

  1. Let the Psychic Do All the Work

The psychic you visit should be willing and able to lead the session. A genuine psychic won’t have to trick you into giving information, so sit back and let her do the work. By giving information away in an emotional outburst, you’re giving a fraud everything she needs to fool you into coming back for more.

If what the psychic is saying is too brief, it’s okay to ask them to elaborate. If there’s a message for you, it will often come with specific details that are personal to you and you alone.

  1. Listen to the Details

Many people assume that the details they’re given during a session will be the details they expect to hear. Perhaps you’re expecting the psychic to bring up a song that you used to love with your late husband- maybe your wedding song. However, this isn’t always the case.

In fact, the details that come through to genuine psychics are often obscure. For instance, instead of a wedding song, the psychic may be made aware of a time when your husband surprised you with a romantic meal.

It could be details of your loved one’s life that you may have forgotten about, so it’s worth writing down details to take away with you. You may not realize that they’re relevant to you until you recall the memory at a later date.

  1. Psychic vs Medium

You’d be forgiven for thinking a psychic and medium are the same thing but you’d also be wrong. A psychic is someone who can intuitively communicate information about your life, your relationships, and even your future. 

However, a medium is someone who can connect to loved ones who have passed on and communicate with them on your behalf. The problem is, you don’t get to choose which person comes through for you. 

If the people you know who have passed are all people you’d want to communicate with, you have nothing to worry about. But, what most people find is that a person they don’t want to hear from comes through- perhaps a person who has hurt them in the past.

Although this can result in eventual spiritual healing, it can also be very upsetting at the time. So, make sure you know who you’re visiting and always keep an open mind.

  1. Don’t Feel That You Have to Stay

Never feel obligated to finish a session if you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t feel that the session is right for you, it’s probably not. Some things to look out for are psychics that predict your death or warn you about a tragedy. A reliable psychic would never do that.

You should also run a mile from any psychics that try to predict lottery numbers for you or tell you that your family is cursed and the curse needs to be removed. These types of ‘services’ usually come at a hefty price. 

Just as you would if you hired any other service, you’re well within your rights to ask for references or reviews before you take part in a session. If you have any doubts, your psychic should be able to settle them without making you feel uncomfortable.

Finding a Reputable Psychic

The first thing you can do when looking for a reputable psychic is to ask around. People aren’t usually shy about opening up about their experiences, so it shouldn’t take long to create a shortlist of potentials.

You’ll then need to think about what you want to gain from the experience. This will help you decide whether to visit a psychic or medium. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to pick up the phone. Just a short conversation with each potential psychic will be enough to tell you whether the person is genuine or not.

Most frauds will be more concerned with money than proving their skills. You may also feel more of a sense of security with a genuine psychic. Some people find they don’t need to visit a psychic at all.

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Psychic Reading- Follow Your Instincts

A psychic reading can be anything from healing to terrifying. It’s important to follow your instincts and keep your guard up on your first visit. Take a look at some more tips for dealing with grief when a loved one passes away.