6 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Old Car Look New Again

Posted July 22, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Old Car Look New Again

If your car needs sprucing up but you’re not looking to invest in a new one, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways you can go about jazzing things up so that your vehicle will look new again, without breaking the bank. Sometimes it will be enough to clean your car in-depth to give it a fresh look; other times, you may want to go further and start a number plate search so you add that extra touch and personalize all details. Both ways are valid and will give your car a fresher appearance, but there are still so many other things you can do…

Here are six quick, simple tips on how to make-over your car and breathe new life into it:

  1. Clean It – Thoroughly

If you don’t take care of the car on the outside and the interior, it will become dirty and it will look unappealing. Give it a proper, thorough clean. Either do it yourself or take it somewhere to be detailed expertly. Make sure the outside is thoroughly washed, dried and polished.

Inside, dust every surface, polish the windows, vacuum the floors, use hot soapy water to scrub down every nook and crevice. Clean the sides of the seats, under them, between them. Polish everything from the steering wheel to the handbrake to the dials on the dash.

Sterilize the pedals and spray fabric cleaner onto the upholstery. It will smell better and look shiny and revived.

  1. Replace the Mats

Car mats are perhaps the part of the interior of a vehicle that are used and worn the most. Think about it – everyone climbs into the car and stands on a mat. They then sit there with their shoes on them. They get scuffed. They get wet from the rain. They often get torn a little from heeled shoes. They get littered with mud and leaves and stones.

They are inexpensive to replace and getting a whole new set of car mats can make the flooring of your vehicle look revived again.

  1. New Seat Covers

Similarly to replacing the mats of your car, getting new seat covers gives things a whole new look. In fact, this is an even more noticeable way to breathe new life into an older car. While new mats might look great when you’re sitting inside the car, changing the seat covers make a difference from both the interior and when looking in from the outside.

This is a chance to invest in brighter covers or slick new neutral covers; and will hide away any marks on the existing upholstery.

  1. Scratches and Scrapes

Every used car comes with its wear and tear. If your vehicle has dents, chips or scratches on the exterior, take the time to fix them up as best you can.

For not a lot of money, you can buy buffer or scratch repair kits from your local auto store, which offer a DIY way to amend any relatively minor damage to the bodywork of your car.

  1. Update the Sound System

Part of jazzing up your car is about making it a pleasure to drive again. While you should be taking it for regular health checks anyway, to ensure its running smoothly and safely, why not also treat yourself to a new sound system.

This might be a little more costly but if you enjoy listening to music or podcasts as you ride, or simply want a more up-to-date car-to-phone system, look into the options out there and update this important feature of your old car.

  1. Personalize your License Plate

Give your car some personality through a personalized registration. With the countless number and letter combinations, there is definitely something that will allow you to express your unique self. Registered dealers like Absolute Reg even have tools to help you search for your perfect plate. These plates don’t drop in value so they are usually considered a good investment, too.

Extra tip:

Even if you’re looking to sell your car, employing these simple and cost-effective updates will give you a better chance at selling, achieving a greater return.

Check out what you can do with that old broken car sitting in your driveway to make sure it sells, fairly and effectively. 

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