5 Inspiring Blogs of People Who Got Over Addiction

Posted August 13, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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When seeking sobriety, recovery blogs can play an important role in your life. There is enriching information, recovery stories, and life testimonies of people who got over addiction. Reading such stories can enable you to recover quickly because you will get encouragement and you will also learn that such conditions are normal.

Make it a passion to read recovery stories because you may capture some of the best tips to ensure you reach sobriety. Below are some of the most excellent blogs you can read to help you get rejuvenated and detoxified.

The Sobriety Collective 

This is not just a sobriety group but rather a support group that is run by experts and people who once suffered from addiction. It is like a community for sober people where you can discuss all the addiction problems you have. Besides the discussions, there are also stories, sensitive addiction topics, and other types of helping information to escalate your sobriety journey and become a better person.

Laura is the owner of the blog and she shares some of her life in drug recovery. There are also profiles of people who underwent addiction. 

The Fix

Separated into two parts, stories and encyclopedia, the fix is an outstanding blog that enlightens, teaches, and enables people to know what is needed for them to sober up. With an up to date information about the addiction and therapeutic interventions, you can get some of the best recovery tips online.

On this blog, you can be sure to get the best tips that will make you do a self-assessment and know the kind of intervention to take. All therapeutic options such as Clear Choice detox drink (more info) are well displayed, so you can even form your own plan of detoxification so as to sober up. 

The Addiction Inbox

Do you want to know the myth and misconceptions about alcoholism and addiction? If yes, this is the perfect blog for you. The write explores the false believes that people have concerning addiction. There is also a pile of articles that explain the science behind addiction and the psychosocial effect that comes along.

Addicts can learn a lot about the impact of drugs on their social, health life, and other aspects of their lives. Addiction inbox also elaborates on the science behind addiction and enables one to appreciate that anyone can fall victim to addiction at all times.

A Hangover Free Life

Hangovers are a result of drinking in excess. In this blog, you are able to understand the science of hangover and how to overcome it. Actually, the blog explores the physiological processes that occur when one takes alcohol. You will be able to appreciate that alcohol is not a substance that you should keep using if you want a perfect life.

The social, physiological, and mental impact of addiction is immense, and this blog tries to equip people with the appropriate information to sober up. 


Would you like to have some of the best motivation that will make you hold on to your journey of addiction recovery? Look no further because Shatterproof has some of the best stories and topics to enable you to withstand any hardship during the sobriety journey.

From relapse programs, behavioral therapy, and stress management, this blog offers some of the best help that one could be needing to become sober. The blog even has a step by step of dealing with addicts so that you counterattack the addiction before they become worse and start to affect them.

Blogs are necessary for support and encouragement. You may be burdened by a very small thing that can be discussed in the blog and make you feel better. There are even communities in some blogs where common issues are discussed to make people feel better at all times.