5 Key Personal Safety Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

Posted September 13, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Personal Safety Tips

A woman can be all things. She can be a cop, a CEO, a fighter pilot, or a kickboxer. Yet, she should never forget that she’s in control of her own personal safety. 

Criminals only take 7 seconds to decide whether you’ll be their next victim. Yet, there are certain techniques to better protect yourself from this. These will decrease your risk of becoming the victim of an attack or crime. You never know when a dangerous situation may occur. So, here are 5 personal safety tips every woman should live by. 

  1. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This personal safety tip can help you notice and avoid a potential predator. Always stay alert and be well aware of your surroundings when by yourself. This means checking behind you to see if someone is following you. 

Avoid any activities that create a distraction. This includes talking on the phone or scrolling through social media. You do want to make sure your phone is easily accessible in case you need to call 911.

Listening to headphones when walking can also limit your awareness. These acts show that you’re not paying full attention to your surroundings. This makes an easy target for an attacker. It’s also important to look around for any cars that could be following you. Check out the cars parked next to you in a parking lot.

Be on the lookout for any suspicious people sitting in a parked car. Avoid parking near vans with heavy window tint and sliding doors. It’s smart to check beneath your car at night before getting into it. Carry a small personal flashlight on you to help with this. 

  1. Show Your Confidence

Walking tall, with your head held high shows off confidence. Poor body language and posture are other signs that attract predators. Attackers tend to go after an easy target, one that wouldn’t try to put up a fight.

Other safety tips include making eye contact with those around you. This shows that you are noticing people and are aware of their presence. You’re also taking in their physical characteristics. 

If they are a criminal, they would rather target someone who is not familiar with their looks. You getting a clear view of their face could help the police to identify them later on. 

Never stop to talk to a stranger. If they speak to you, you can give a simple non-commital answer then continue on your way. 

Be sure to keep your voice strong and authoritative. This lets them know you’re in control of the situation. It’s also important not to show any signs of intimidation or fear.  

  1. Put Your Safety First

Personal safety means being cautious of others that you do not know. This sometimes means turning down a person’s request for your help. Remember that you’re not being rude, you’re being safe.  

Always be wary of any stranger asking for your help. Too many predators use this tactic to lure women away from their homes, cars, or other safe zones. Remember that there are both female and male predators. They may fake an injury or crisis to try to lure you away. 

Never unlock your car door or roll down a window for a stranger. Always keep your doors locked when you’re sitting in your car to avoid a car-jacking. The most important rule is to never go anywhere with a stranger. A criminal will often try to bring you to a different, less public, location to abduct you. If this happens, draw attention to yourself and escape even if they threaten harm.   

Another rule is to never let a stranger into your home. It’s safer to not even open the door if you don’t know who’s standing on the other side of it. Technology safety features like Ring can be helpful for this. This gadget allows you to see who is outside and speak with them without opening your door.  

Be sure to follow these safety rules when you travel as well. Never let a stranger into your hotel room and keep your room number private.  

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak up

Walking alone at night can be dangerous even in safe neighborhoods. It’s best to ask a friend, trusted colleague, or security guard to walk you to your car at night. If working late, ask someone to escort you through a dark parking garage.  

If you ever feel threatened or stalked by someone always tell the people you are close with. It’s smart to let your coworkers, neighbors, and friends know. Having them on high alert will increase your safety.  

It’s easy for stalkers to follow you on social media. So, let friends know not to tag you in any location-based posts. If you notice something unusual, notify the police. This could be a person or vehicle that keeps showing up at the same places as you. 

Loud noises can help scare away an attacker. Use your voice if you feel you’re in danger and let out a high-pitched scream. Using dating apps and services can also subject you to predators. Make sure a friend, family member, or coworker knows your whereabouts when going on dates. 

  1. Learn Some Self Defense Tactics

Knowing basic self-defense could save your life. It helps to take a class or even watch YouTube video tutorials. 

This way you can better prepare yourself for a situation where there is a concern for your safety. You’ll receive proper training for handling an attacker and escaping. 

You’ll also learn how to better handle yourself under stress. These classes work to reenact common attack scenarios that criminals use. 

If you’re ever in a real situation, always fight back. Aim for sensitive areas like the throat, eyes, nose, and groin.  

Other personal safety tips include keeping self-defense gadgets on you. This includes mace, tasers, or these great self defense gifts.  

Every woman should be armed with these effective personal safety tips. They can help you to ward off an attacker and you’ll be able to act in a dangerous situation. Remember to always follow your gut. If your instincts are telling you something feels off, it most likely is. 

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