5 Must-Have Haircare Tools for Salon Worthy Styles at Home

Posted August 21, 2020 by in Beauty
haircare tools

Nothing beats the confidence you feel walking out of the salon after a fresh haircut and styling. Nowadays, it’s not always easy to get to the salon as often as you used to. If you’re a beauty lover, there are some must-have tools for your vanity at home. That way, you can give yourself those same incredible styles without leaving the house.

Read on below to learn about your must-have tools and the styles you can get with them.

1. Straightener

Everyone knows a great straightener or flat iron is a must-have in any beauty arsenal. A straightener can take messy bed head to sleek lengths in no time at all. This tool is also great when you’re in a pinch and need to smooth pesky fly-a ways before running out the door!

Try getting creative with your straightener and use it to lightly curl your ends to give your hair a little more bounce. Plus, if you have very curly hair, using a straightener is a simple way to completely transform your whole look! You’ll certainly turn heads with a dramatic change and you didn’t even need to grab the scissors to do so!

2. Hair Dryer Brush

An essential time-saving product is a quality hair dryer brush. This hair styling tool combines your best, bristled brush with a hairdryer to make styling even easier. Hair dryer brushes are great for those with shorter hair that dries much faster.

Hair dryer brushes don’t have to be used to take your hair from wet to dry either. Use this hair-care product when you want to smooth out frizz from the day or get rid of any tangles from an active day. If you hate using a blow-dryer and juggling a tool in each hand, this product is the solution for you!

3. Curling Iron

Everyone knows beachy waves are always in style. To get these relaxed, wavy tresses, you’ll need a good curling iron. You can get one with a clamp or without! It all depends on your hair length and personal preference.

Plus, curling iron barrels come in a variety of sizes so you can get big bouncy waves or tight curls. Look for a model that heats up quickly and uses durable, hair healthy technology so you can achieve frizz-free styles!

4. Hair Dryer

If you want to achieve that salon-signature blowout, you’ll need a professional hairdryer. Many people don’t realize that your hairdryer affects your hair’s texture, shine, frizz, and more! That’s why you must be sure to invest in a quality product that will last and won’t leave your hair fried from lots of heat damage.

The better quality your hairdryer is, the more efficient your hair drying step in styling will be too! Look for a hairdryer with attachments like diffusers and concentrators to help you achieve a natural air-dried look or pinpoint sleek sections for a glossy finish.

5. Clippers

If you love an edgy, ultra-short style, clippers are a must-have. With clippers, you can clean up any lines and keep your pixie cut or buzz cut looking polished. This is a great way to cut your trips to the salon down, manage your styles growth out in-between visits, and save money too!

Get Styling!

Now that you know which essential haircare tools you need in your vanity, you can get styling! Don’t worry about getting to the salon anytime you want an extra confidence boost. With these easy to use products, you’ll be a styling pro in no time!