5 Must-Know Reasons You Should Consider Going to Addiction Recovery

Posted August 19, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
Woman at AA meeting

Over 23 million Americans suffer from drug addiction. It takes strength and courage to admit if you are one of them.

But, trying to kick an addiction alone can seem nearly impossible as the drug destroys your life. Read on to learn 5 important reasons to begin an addiction recovery program:

  1. Rehab May Save You

Last year alone, 71,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. Most of them probably also thought that it wouldn’t happen to them.

Drug addiction kills people every day, if not due to overdose, then from related accidents, diseases, or interactions. Drug addiction recovery saves lives.

  1. Your Addiction Hurts Others

Drug addiction does not only affect the addict. It creates a ripple effect of pain on those around them.

Your addiction destroys relationships when you lie, steal, disappear, and turn into a stranger to your loved ones. Going to rehab prevents you from hurting them more and it helps you build back the trust you lost.

  1. Addiction Messes with Your Mind

You may think that you can recover on your own. But, Drug addiction makes changes in the brain that alter you perception of reality. This can make even recognizing your addiction difficult. 

Even if you do notice the issue, you probably lack the decision-making skills and control necessary to keep yourself away from the drug without assistance, for the time being. Family and friends are not equipped with the expertise to know how to properly help you and may inadvertently turn into enablers while trying to help.

Joining an addiction recovery program means getting the structure and support you need so you can ease back into independence at a pace that works for you. Click here to find a center with experienced staff who want to help you through.

  1. You Need to Rebuild Your Life

Usually, addiction does not just spring up out of nowhere. A series of life choices lead you into it. 

To undo what’s done, you must rebuild from scratch. It may mean giving up your current job, home, friends, and freedoms.

This can feel utterly terrifying. But, look at where your current life will lead you and consider the alternative. 

If you do not allow this to happen, then the same temptations will bring on familiar habits. When you go into an addiction recovery center, they help you through this transition and assist in teaching you how to make healthier choices for rebuilding.

  1. You Deserve a Better Life

Looking back on your choices might make you feel terrible. Your mind might trick you into thinking that you do not deserve your job, friends, family, or anything else you already lost along the way.

But, you do deserve a better life. Getting clean will help you feel deserving once again.

Until then, take our word for it. You are suffering from a disease, and that does not make you a bad person, even if you made horrible choices.

Right now, rebuilding your life may seem like a pipe dream. But with proper addiction recovery, you can make this dream a reality.

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