5 Myths About Hair Loss

Posted April 21, 2021 by in Beauty

A receding hairline or a bald spot is the last thing that a man will want to see, even if baldness runs in the family. You will probably want to try every remedy or treatment to save your crowning glory, but it is a challenge that many aging and even young males have to deal with. Myths and misconceptions make things only worse as you end up finding illogical reasons and trying irrelevant treatments for hair loss.

Getting your facts right is crucial to deal with the condition correctly. Let us debunk the most widely prevalent myths about hair loss for you:

Myth #1: Baldness is Age-related 

It is easy to think that you are safe till you reach your forties or fifties, but you may lose hair as early as in your twenties. Your risk runs high if you have a family history of baldness, though it can happen even without a history.

Keep an eye on your scalp because there is a possibility of losing half of your hair even before you notice the onset of male pattern baldness.

Myth #2: Shampooing Often Can Aggravate the Issue

In fact, it is just the opposite. Clean hair is healthy, and there are fewer chances it will break. Just make sure that you do not use harsh products and hot water because they can cause breakage. Also, avoid scrubbing your scalp too hard or using heat to dry it.

A regular shower with a mild product and lukewarm water will cause only normal breakage, and you shouldn’t worry much about it. 

Myth #3: Treatment is Long and Painful

The thing that makes hair loss even more daunting is the fear of long and painful treatment to restore it. Fortunately, you can opt for scalp micropigmentation treatment for regaining a natural appearance for your scalp. The technique is effective, non-invasive, and affordable, and hurts less than getting a tattoo. It replicates tiny hair follicles to give you a short hair stubble look. 

Myth #4: Wearing a Hat Can Make You Bald

Another incredible myth about hair loss is that you can go bald if you wear hats. The idea behind the misconception is that your hair does not get ample oxygen when it is covered. However, there isn’t scientific relevance to the belief because the scalp supplies oxygen to the follicles, and surrounding air has no role to play.

So you need not worry about making a style statement with your favorite hats. 

Myth #5: Vitamins Will Get Your Hair Back

Unfortunately not! Despite the attractive claims and endorsements for vitamin-filled hair growth products, they cannot get your crowning glory back. Hair is dead tissue, so you cannot depend on serums and lotions to re-grow it. The better option is to use a proven treatment like micropigmentation. You will have to spend once, but the results are effective and lasting.

Now that these misconceptions are sorted, you can see your hair loss problem more realistically. It will easier to deal with the issue, prevent it if possible, and address it with the right treatment.  

*Photos by Elle Hughes