5 Online Career Opportunities to Consider

Posted March 19, 2021 by in Career

If you have recently lost your job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or you simply can’t face another month in that cold office, there are numerous ways that you can make a living online. There are many benefits to working from home—zero travelling, choosing your hours and not having to get dressed up are all big things!

Here are just a few of the ways that you can earn a living on the Internet:

Teaching English

Assuming you are a native English speaker, there is a huge market for English in China and you could apply for a position at one of the leading online language academies. It wouldn’t take you long to get the hang of online teaching and the agency would be very supportive.

The downside is you’ll be working to Chinese time and that means unsocial hours, but with evenings and weekends, you can make a decent salary; all you need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

Train to be a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is becoming extremely popular in the UK and there are schools where you can either learn online or attend classes. A total of 200 hours is required to become a qualified yoga teacher and if you are fit and healthy, why not make a living out of teaching the art of yoga to others?

When you become a yoga teacher with The House of Yoga, you are guaranteed work and being taught by the best will pay dividends. Check out their website, which details course content, requirements and fees and before long, you could be running your very own Yoga class online.

If yoga isn’t for you, why not train to become a personal trainer?

Content Writing

Some people love to write and with a little practice, you could become an online blogger. Search with Google for a content agency and hire yourself out as a freelance content writer, which will eventually lead to writing copy, which pays a lot more.

Digital marketing agencies hire bloggers to write content for their clients and you usually have a 24-hour window to submit your work.

Forex Trading

Many people have made the switch from salaried employment to trading currency and while this demands a lot of homework and research, you can make a living trading commodities. Start by carrying out some research into how the Forex exchanges work, then talk to a broker, who, for a small commission of your return, will advise you on trading. The broker wants you to make a profit, as they will also make on the relationship and if you are ready to get into Forex trading, you will need to approach a leading broker.

Click here for more information about Forex, which is worth reading.

Become a YouTuber

Many people have become social media celebrities and all you need are good looks and some awesome video content. Check out some of the YouTubers who have millions of followers and see how their lifestyles have changed; the ideal person is an extrovert with an engaging personality and with virtually no capital, you can become a viral sensation and start a monetised YouTube account.

There are many opportunities to earn a living online and the benefits of doing so are immense. You will enjoy a very high level of freedom and independence, plus you choose the hours when you work, which does require a level of self-discipline.

*Photos by Andrew Neel