5 Perfect Gifts for a Loved One in a Senior Living Community

Posted February 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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If your older parent, other family member, close friend, or loved one has recently—or moreover a while ago—made the move to a senior living community, it can sometimes be more than tricky to think of a birthday or Christmas gift that they will actually want or need.

With that being said here, for your information, are the top five perfect gifts for a loved one in a senior living community. 

Woman Sitting on the Bed Holding a Gift

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are currently experiencing somewhat of a renaissance, in part perhaps due to the fact that most people across the length and breadth of the United States (and beyond) were confined to the proverbial barracks for the best part of two years due to Covid-19. 

These days, there truly is no limit to the designs and styles of available jigsaw puzzles, so you are sure to find one covering a topic that your loved one absolutely adores. 

Additionally, there is also a myriad of reputed health benefits to indulging in a jigsaw of an evening, including a reduction in levels of stress and anxiety, short-term memory improvement, an improved level of dexterity, and increasing one’s problem-solving skills. 

  1. Luxury Nightwear

Perhaps your loved one is fully physically able to go shopping for themselves and does so regularly, or conversely perhaps not; but either way, there can be no more decadent and thoughtful gift than a beautiful set of luxury nightwear.

If your loved one is residing in a senior living facility that regulary wins a plethora of senior living awards and honors, then it is highly likely that the staff have arranged for any clothing and accessories they desire to have been delivered directly to them. 

Regardless, a beautifully soft and warm new nightgown, or some cozy pajamas, are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face this holiday season. 

  1. Magazine Subscription

An alternative gift for your loved one, especially if they enjoy reading or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, is a year’s magazine subscription. 

If you know of a magazine that they used to get delivered when they lived at home, or still do in their new residence, then even better. If not, never fear: as long as you know them well then you’ll be sure to find a topic that they will absolutely love.  

  1. Pamper Hamper

Modern life is fast-paced and although it may be true that is slightly less so in the relaxed and community atmosphere of a senior living community, it may still be unlikely that your loved one manages to find time for a proper pamper evening. 

Create a bespoke basket full of bath salts, face masks, chocolates, books, moisturizers, and other lotions and potions to create a ready-made pamper hamper for your loved one. 

  1. Retro Sweets

If your loved one has a particularly sweet tooth, then the perfect birthday or Christmas gift is a hand-picked tin of your loved one’s favorite retro candies.

There is a wide range of food delivery websites who specialize in selling retro and hard-to-buy candies and chocolate bars, and it is highly likely you will end up ordering two—one for your loved one and one for yourself!