5 Pet Essentials Every New Pet Owner Should Have

Posted July 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Whether you are a new pet owner or you are prepping for the impending arrival of your latest animal pal, there are plenty of must-have items and services that will make your life much easier.

Even experienced owners can do with a refresher from time to time, so read on for a rundown of the essentials:


Having high quality pet insurance to safeguard your pets is definitely at the top of the agenda for new pet owners, because expenses can spiral out of control if your animal is injured or gets sick, both of which are inevitable at some point in its life.

The costs of insurance policies can vary, as can the kinds of issues that are covered by packages, so it is sensible to compare your options carefully and keep in mind what your needs are before you commit.

Cleaning Products

Pets are messy beasts at times, and so you need to be ready to clean up after them, especially if you are in the process of training a kitten to use a litter tray or teaching a puppy to only do its business when outdoors.

An important consideration in this context is that some everyday household cleaning products may be toxic to pets, which is a problem because animals are curious and might end up licking up a lot of what you spray down as you do your chores. For this reason you should aim to invest in examples that are pet-friendly and not harmful to our furry friends.

ID tags

Dogs and cats need to be tagged with an identifying collar so that in the event that they go walkabouts you can more easily pinpoint them if another person stumbles across them.

As well as including the name of your pet, adding your home address is a good idea. This can avoid a lot of heartache and stress, as well as being a stylish way to accessorize your animal of choice. Buy the tags and collar in advance so that you can put them to work sooner rather than later.

Blankets & Bedding Materials

Whether you are getting a Great Dane or a guinea pig, making sure it has a cozy place to rest its head is important, and so choosing the right bedding materials should be another priority as a new pet owner.

Dogs and cats tend to like having blankets to settle down onto, and this can be a great way to provide protection for any of your furnishings that you are willing to let them snuggle up on, although this is obviously down to personal preference. Buying a specific pet bed for these larger domestic animals is of course worthwhile, but blankets give you the flexibility to accommodate the whims of pets that might not be that interested in whichever bed you have spent your hard-earned money on.

For smaller animals which are kept in cages, bedding materials will be equally crucial, and again will vary depending on the critter in question. Sawdust and wood shavings are suitable in many cases, and it is also a good move to stock up on plenty of this, as you will need to change it out regularly to keep the animal’s living quarters clean, fresh and habitable.


Last but not least, pets of all shapes and sizes love toys, and keeping them entertained is not just fun to watch, but also helps them to relax and bond with you if you are involved in the play.

Once again it makes sense to pick toys that are appropriate for the animal in question, so do your research to find the best options.

Woman sitting down on a floor and leaning against the bed, reading and petting her cat.

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*Photos by Sam Lion