5 Places to Visit After You Retire

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Traveling is at the top of the list when people dream about what they will do when they retire. Yet few people actually put aside enough money during their working years to make sure they have enough money to go all the places they want to go. Instead, they find themselves struggling to make ends meet and to stretch their Social Security checks as far as they can go.

If you’re already retired, you may be thinking that there’s not much you can do about that now. But there actually is a lot you can do to make your travel dreams come true.

To start, you need to look at ways that you can cut your monthly budget, such as by getting rid of cable and using streaming services instead or by making your home more energy-efficient to cut utility costs.

Once you’ve cut everything you can, you can look at ways to increase your income. One of the easiest ways to do this as a retiree is to get a reverse mortgage. With this type of loan, you actually get paid a monthly amount. The more valuable your home is and the older you are, the more you can get. Check out these reverse mortgage resources to determine how much you might be able to get.

Then start checking out these top five places to plan your next trip:


There’s a reason that Paris winds up on every “must see” travel list: it’s absolutely gorgeous, and it is brimming with some of the most important art and architecture in the world. You can spend weeks inside the Louvre alone, or you can take a boat ride down the Seine or eat macaroons while sitting on the sidewalk outside a cafe and watching the Eiffel tower at night.

Paris is a magical place. You can save money on the trip by going in the off season sometime between October and February. Paris in spring may be gorgeous, but you’ll pay a premium on airfare and lodging.

Paris, France // www.brokeandchic.com

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Restaurants and homes are stacked along the coast overlooking the sapphire waters and ragged cliff sides. The Amalfi Coast looks like a dream. You can stroll along the winding paths, fish by the sea, or enjoy fresh seafood and pasta at one of the many traditional restaurants. 

You’ll save money with this destination by staying at local inns and footing it. Since everything is so close together, you won’t feel the need for a hired car anyway.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Kerry, Ireland

Ireland has an easy going way about it. Life is slow, and you’re more likely to run into herds of sheep crossing the road than you are other cars.

Learn more about traditions here like sheep herding or beer making, and enjoy a pint or two with the locals. The biggest attraction is the land itself. You’ll love taking in the scenery, whether you hop on a tour bus or decide to bike it yourself.

It’s easy to save money with a trip to Ireland. Just stay at local B&Bs instead of the fancy “castles.” Go during the winter when airfares are lower.

Kerry, Ireland

Santorini, Greece

Santorini offers up the classic view of Greece, with the beautiful white buildings topped by sapphire domes and towering over the sparkling Aegean Sea.

You can take a sail boat out to sea, take a tour of historical ruins, or enjoy some of the best seafood you’ve ever had.

As with any trip you’re planning, you can get the best deals to Santorini by shopping around for airfare and hotels and by shopping at the right time. Sometimes, you can snag early bird deals, but sometimes, you can take advantage of great last-minute flights when airlines are trying to unload unsold fares. Just start looking early by keeping a flexible schedule in case you spot some can’t-miss deals.

Santorini, Greece

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the center of Sweden — economically, culturally, and politically. The city is home to the country’s top universities, some of its largest companies, and some of its most notable art work. It is also the place that the Nobel Prize ceremony is held each year.

You can visit the Vasa Museum, the national arena that hosted the Olympics, the official residences of the monarch and prime minister, the Parliament house, and much more.

Use the same tips to book a more affordable trip to Sweden. Then talk to the locals while you are there to get tips on the best things to see and places to eat for the best prices.

Stockholm , Sweden

Now is the time to start planning your trip! Get some quotes on a reverse mortgage or look at ways to slash your budget, and put that extra money to the trip of your dreams. You can be the globe trotter you always envisioned in your retirement.

Not retired? There are more ways to travel on the cheap! Just check out the article below:


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