5 Popular Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Closet

Posted September 11, 2020 by in Fashion

Accessories are the unsung heroes of fashion. They can make or break a look, giving it an edge or a softness your outfit wouldn’t otherwise have. 

We tend to overlook the importance of small accessories when discussing style, trends, and the way to piece an ensemble together, but no more. We’ve compiled a list of some accessory pieces to add to your wardrobe! 

styling a super scrunchie

1. Jeweled Rings

We use our hands for nearly everything, making them an extremely visible part of ourselves that we ought to show off. Rings have long since been a symbol of wealth in history, and that persists even today. Decking your fingers out in rings is a timeless look that seldom loses appeal. It’s an opportunity to show off your personality, gemstone, or that you’re loved by a special someone. 

Emeralds, amethysts, rubies, you name it—a dash of color and shine are domineering fashion trends with their classy, yet unique style. Whether you don opals from Australia or Diamonds on Richmond, this jewelry staple is here to stay.

gold rings laid out on blanket next to a book

2. Layered Necklaces

In the last few years, layering necklaces has become a widely popularized look. As opposed to the singular, large statement necklace of the 2000s and early 2010s, layering several dainty necklaces on top of one another has become a frequent fashion.

More often than not, these layered necklaces are gold and an even assortment of plain chains against chains with pendants and lockets. Of course, like all fashion, the trend is yours to adapt as you wish. No matter what colors or dimensions you give your necklaces, now is the time to explore this layered look.

tattoo necklace

3. Cat-Eye Glasses

Eyewear is one of the most flattering accessories because of the way it frames your face. Of course, there are any many frame shapes, but as of late, one has stood above the rest.

Cat-eye glasses are a bold look, calling back to the 1950s and pin-up style of the time. They suggest a certain daring and slyness, rising into nearly pointed horns on either side. 

With such a drastic shape, they may not be appropriate for every occasion. However, when you bring  these to a Palm Springs brunch or a summer beach party, they will certainly make you stand out.

cat eye glasses on white background

4. Scrunchies

Plenty of fads are coming back from earlier decades, and scrunchies are a big one. Whether to hold your hair up or to stay on your wrist, scrunchies from a brand like HoneyLux come in all colors and patterns and express a fun, adventuring side to you and your outfit.

There’s a young playfulness that comes with scrunchies that’s also perfect for summer. They can dress down a sundress or enhance a more comfortable look by suggesting the need to put your hair up and feel the sun.

My personal favorite? Super scrunchies!

amanda raye scozzafava blogger wearing super scrunchie

5. Big Earrings

Studs have had their day, and in truth will always be a classic. But now, big earrings are on the rise. Geometric earrings, bulky earrings, fringe earrings—the earrings that get attention of passersby are only growing in popularity.

A great way to combine looks would be to put your hair up with a scrunchie and then wear large earrings, as well. Not only are you maximizing accessory usage, but by putting your hair up, your statement earrings can get all their deserved attention.

large gold hoop earrings blonde hair

Fashion was never as simple as pants, shoes, and shirts. It’s about creating a full image, an outfit that lives on its own because of its intricate details. Consider adding these five accents to your collection to complete any look!

What accessories can you not leave without? For me, it’s my hoop earrings.