5 Popular Types of Bath Bombs

Posted March 2, 2021 by in Beauty

There’s something incredibly relaxing about soaking in the bath after a long day, but if you want to take your enjoyment level up another notch, you should throw in a bath bomb. Today we’re going to discuss some of the most popular types of bath bombs out there and why they’re worth every penny:

Cocoa Butter

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I sure do! Cocoa butter bath bombs are all the rage because they can fill your bathroom with the soothing and delectable aroma of chocolate. Just make sure not to eat them!

They’re not just good for the smell, either. Cocoa butter also does wonders for the health of your skin. It’s very moisturizing and can help rejuvenate your skin, making it smooth, supple, and beautiful.


Yes, bath bombs really do come in food-shaped varieties. While they’re not edible, cupcake bath bombs are cute, colorful, and smell amazing. The smell comes from the more unorthodox ingredients that many of these types of cupcakes come with, such as vanilla extract or even sugar.

What’s even better is that they’re great for kids and adults alike. If you’re struggling to get your little one to take a bath, cupcake bath bombs might just be your answer, because they’re highly customizable and come in a wide array of colors that your kid will surely love.

Or you could use one in your own bath and enjoy the novelty for yourself. Either way is just fine!

If you’re not into cupcakes but the idea of a food-shaped bath bomb sounds amazing to you, there are also a wide array of other possibilities out there, from the cute, sophisticated French macaron-shaped bath bombs, to ice cream scoops, cotton candy, and anything else you might want.


Oatmeal is surprisingly good for your skin, so if your goal when it comes to finding a bath bomb is smoothing out rough, dry, or cracked skin, oatmeal bath bombs are perfect for you. They’re great at moisturizing and bringing back that healthy, smooth texture.

You can even make them at home with a few simple ingredients, and if you want to add a little extra pop, you could always add some food coloring to spice up an otherwise plain-looking bath bomb.


Many a bath bomb comes loaded with the refreshing scent of orange or lemon, and while that scent alone may be enough to sell you on getting one of these kinds of fizzy bath toys for yourself, the essential oils used to make the bombs smell so great also have a lot of skin benefits.

For example, lemon essential oils are great for acne and fighting off excess oil on the skin. If your skin is needing a little TLC in those areas, popping a lemon bath bomb into your tub may help clear up your skin some.

In addition to the skin benefits, citrus-scented bath bombs also do wonders for your mental state. They help you calm down and de-stress, as well as clear your mind.

Cosmic/Galaxy Designs

These multicolored bath bombs really bring the wow factor to a bath. They come in many different varieties, ranging from bath bombs that turn your bath water into a galaxy of swirling colors to bath bombs shaped like fun things such as rocket ships, certain planets, stars, or other space-related objects.

Plus, they still come with all the mood-boosting and skin-nourishing properties of a regular bath bomb.

Bath bombs are designed to be fun, soothing, and incredibly therapeutic, so no matter what kind you get, we hope you’ll enjoy taking a little time for yourself. You deserve it.