5 Prom Dresses Under $120 That You Can Wear Again and Again

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Are you searching for that dream prom dress, but don’t want to spend too much on something you’ll only wear once?  Worry no more, here are 5 dresses that are not only less than $120, but are also re-wearable.

Remember, if you are hanging out with a new crowd, your old dress is new to them!  When I buy outfits for big occasions, I try to think about other big events when I can wear the same dress again. With a small change of jewelry, shoes, or hair, you can give a brand new look to a versatile dress.

Go Short

Long ball gowns are fabulous, but how many times can you wear a long ball gown? Not many. A fun, sassy, short party dress, on the other hand, with the right accessories, can be more than a great prom dress. It’ll also work well for a first date, girls’ night out, birthday celebration and many other events down the road.

$119 at David’s Bridal

After the big day, dress down this short, off-white gown (shown above) with a pink cardigan and ballet flats or by adding black tights…Zooey Deschanel would approve!

$99 at David’s Bridal

This short dress (above) would be a wonderful prom dress if you curled your hair, wore red lipstick and had mile high pumps on. To dress it down for a later event, add a black blazer and put your hair in a messy bun!

$129 at David’s Bridal

This classy short dress (above) would be perfect for the girl who has always admired Audrey Hepburn. It’ll also work with any accent color. Purple shoes, gold shoes…it’s your pick.

Stay Long, But Simple

If all of your friends are getting long dresses and you don’t want to feel left out…go for it! Just make sure you pick one that’s simple and not too poofy. That way, you can get it hemmed at a later date.

$99 at David’s Bridal

This red dress (above) would also look stunning short. Perhaps for your cousin’s summer wedding? Or turn it into a fun DIY project. Think this dress would look darling as a hi-lo dress? We do! Try this simple tutorial.

Hate the idea of cutting it? That’s fine too, maxi dresses are still super trendy. Just add sandals and sunglasses when the weather warms up.

If you want something more timeless and elegant, this black dress (below) would be perfect. Red lips and black heels might even make you look more red carpet ready than prom ready! When it comes time to hem, pair it with powder pink heels and pearls.

$119 at David’s Bridal

 What type of dress do you think you’re going to wear to prom? Let us know in the comments below!

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