5 Reasons Why You Need Smartphone Insurance

Posted October 31, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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Smartphone insurance will usually cover the cost of repairing or replacing a phone when it is damaged, lost, or stolen, although each policy will carry its own terms and conditions. Despite this, there is a lot of debate about whether smartphone insurance is a waste of money or not; but, if you are considering investing in a new model in the near future, it’s worth understanding the risks involved when you choose not to insure.

Remember, smartphone insurance can often only be taken out within a few days of activating a phone, but there may be some providers who will let you add it at a later date. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should be considering smartphone insurance:

reasons to get insurance for your iPhone 11

Buying A Replacement Is Very Costly 

A smartphone is a significant investment, and if you are paying for yours on a contract and it is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, you will still be liable to continue paying for it while having to pay for a replacement. It’s true that when you file a claim, you may have to pay a deductible, but this is highly likely to be significantly less expensive than a replacement phone. Even with the low monthly insurance fee, you are still likely to be better off financially. 

You Can’t Protect Your Phone from Everything 

Whether you’ve got an older model or a brand new iPhone 11, you should be investing in a phone case and screen protection such as the BodyGuardz iPhone 11 range. This will prevent and minimize damage caused by dropping the phone, but it won’t protect it from water damage or being lost or stolen.

Insurance is the only way to cover the phone from these kinds of incidents and many policies also cover standard wear and tear, such as scratches or scuffs.

It’s Easy to Make A Claim

Some people suggest that it is complicated and time-consuming to make a claim through smartphone insurance, but this is not always the case. Many providers will accept and deal with claims 24/7 and can often send a replacement out within days.

Using A Third-Party Repair Service Can Void Warranty

Even when a phone can be repaired rather than replaced, it can be costly to get this done by the manufacturer and using a third party to do so can bring more problems, as it can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. This would leave you in a bind if the phone were to malfunction due to a manufacturing fault later.

You’ll Have Real Peace of Mind

There are plenty of people who will argue that smartphone insurance is a waste of money, as you ‘probably’ won’t need it. This is true, but no one can predict the future, and having the insurance in place will provide real peace of mind for you. Without insurance, you are taking a risk, not only regarding physical damage but also in terms of damage caused by internet viruses

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