5 Reasons Why Your Air Filter Replacement Is an Absolute Necessity

Posted February 5, 2020 by in Home
5 Reasons Why Your Air Filter Replacement Is an Absolute Necessity

From thick layers of dust around your home to an increase in allergies in the air, there are many reasons why it’s important to keep your 19.5 x 19.5 air filters (or any size) in your HVAC unit clean. And the more people living in your home and the presence of pets can increase how often you need to replace them. Clogged air filters prevent the HVAC unit working properly, which can be costly and can impact your health. Here are five reasons why air filter replacement is a necessity in your home. 

Air Quality

The HVAC air filter protects the quality of air in your home, trapping dirt, debris, pet dander, pollen, smoke and microscopic contaminants in your home that cause allergies and illness. Filters require regular replacement throughout the year however, as when they become clogged, they are less effective at trapping these contaminating particles. The type of home you run can determine how often you need to change them – for example, if you have pets or someone in the home smokes, you will need to change the filters more regularly. 

Savings on Energy

Keeping the air filters clean will help you save energy and results in fewer emissions. A clean HVAC air filter stops excess dirt and particles from passing through the ducts and into the air, helping to reduce the environmental impact of the system. 

Cost Cutting

Your HVAC system uses less power when the air filters are clean, as the system doesn’t have to work as hard to push the air through the filter. Air filters aren’t expensive but they’re especially affordable when you consider the savings they will provide you with in terms of your utility bills.

Studies have shown that keeping the unit clean and working efficiently will cut your energy consumption by 7.5% a month, so you will notice that your energy bills will reduce with proper maintenance. 

HVAC Operation

Clean air filters extend the life of your air conditioning system. The unit sucks air into the filter through the intake ducts but filters which are clogged with dirt and other particles force the unit to work harder. In addition to increasing your energy bills, this also causes wear and tear to the system that means it will deteriorate more quickly. In extreme cases, a very full air filter can lead to the HVAC unit to smoke which can be costly to repair. 

Better Health for You and Your Family

You can’t put a price on the health of your family and good indoor air quality means better health for everyone living in the property. It’s especially important during the winter months when flu viruses and colds are common, as less dust and bacteria flowing throughout the air means there’s less chance of germs entering your home.

If you want to keep your home as clean as possible, not just with the areas you can see but those you can’t, a clean air filter is of paramount importance. 

Are you a home owner? Have you ever looked into your home’s air quality? Let us know in the comments below!