5 Signs of a Mouse or Rat Infestation in Your Home

Posted March 22, 2022 by in Lifestyle

No matter where you live or how much you clean, there is always the possibility of rodents entering your home. While many people think mice and rats look cute, and some even have them as pets, it’s a whole other story if they enter your home unannounced. If you’ve started noticing unusual smells or gnaw marks, this could be a sign of a mice or rat infestation in your home. To be sure, here are some tell-tale signs you have unwanted guests, as well as what steps to take to get rid of rodents for good.

Close-Up Photo of a Cute Rat


One sure-fire clue that rodents are roaming around your home is droppings. The type of droppings will indicate the kind of rodent, size of infestation, and where they’re most active. If you have mice lurking, their droppings tend to be small and less than a quarter of an inch. Their droppings are also pointed on both sides. Rat droppings are usually half an inch or larger. New droppings tend to be putty-like in texture and shiny, whereas old ones are crumbly and hard. The more droppings there are, the bigger the infestation. 

Foul Odours

If you’ve started to notice a strange odour around your home, this could be another warning sign you have a mice or rat infestation. Rodent urine has a strong, musky odour that is hard to ignore. If you have a huge infestation, you won’t have trouble smelling it! Even after you’ve hired Walsall pest control to tackle a rodent infestation, the smell can linger for a considerable time afterwards. Therefore, don’t delay in hiring a professional.

Scratching Noises

When you climb into bed and settle down for the night, there should be total silence to fully relax. However, if you start hearing scratching noises from within your walls or the loft, the chances are you have rodents in your home. Rodents are nocturnal beings, so you’ll find they come alive at night. Scratching sounds aren’t the most pleasant, so if it has become a frequent occurrence and it’s even impacting your sleep, it’s time to seek advice from the experts.

Rub and Gnaw Marks

When rodents travel along walls, they leave oily rub marks behind. Should the rub marks smear, this will indicate that they’re fresh. Gnaw marks are also a tell-tale sign you have a rodent infestation. The size of the tooth marks will determine what kind of rodent is in your home. If they’re 1/8-inch long, you could have rats on your hands, whereas small scratch marks are normally a sign of mice.


Mice like to use paper and string to build nests inside, while Norway rats tend to nest outside in burrows deep in the ground. You need to check your loft, cavity walls, suspended ceilings, and under floorboards as these are common spaces for mice to nest. You may have roof rats who normally nest above ground in lofts and trees.

You don’t have to put up with furry little pests causing chaos around your home. If you identify with any of the signs above, you can call up a professional who will use their expertise to get rid of rodents from your home.