5 Signs of a Pest Infestation

Posted March 9, 2022 by in Home

When pests get into the home they can cause extensive damage, which is why swift action needs to be taken. When left to their own devices, pests will multiply quickly and can be detrimental to your health; if droppings get into your food, you can become seriously ill. Some signs of pests, like seeing mice scuttle across the floor, are obvious, but others can fly under the radar. Learning how to spot early signs of pests is the best way to keep your homes secure. Below, you will find out how to spot signs of pest infestations. 

Smells and Sounds

One of the earliest signs of an infestation is the smell. For example, rodents will smell like urine and bedbugs will smell musty and sweet. If you come across these smells in your home, you should investigate further for other signs of pests. In particular, you should listen to the walls to see if you can hear the sound of rodents squeaking, scratching, and gnawing away. 

Nesting Evidence

One of the most obvious visual signs of rodent infestations is chewed-up paper or other soft materials; rats and mice will make their nests of literally anything. You likely won’t be able to find the nest itself because it will be hidden under the flooring or in the walls. If you do find out of place shredded materials, call in the professionals to examine your home. For those of you in the North Carolina area, we suggest you contact Economy Exterminators to take care of your home


Rodents traverse the same routes over and over, which can lead to greasy trails being left behind. If you’ve got rats plaguing your home, you may find urine trails and dark spots of grease alongside walls and in dark spaces.

Physical Damage

If you don’t exterminate pest problems early, they can cause extensive damage to your property. You should search for holes in flooring and walls, especially in darker and unused places. Check your tidied cables for teeth marks because rodents will chew through anything; this damage can cause house fires in serious cases. 

In the case of insects, you should check the exterior of your home for chewed plants and evidence of insect trails. One of the biggest tells of an insect infestation is large brown patches on the grass. If you’ve got termites, you will notice damaged wood or growing holes. 


Like most animals, pests leave droppings behind, and they are an obvious sign of infection. Look around your home for small brown pellets on the floor and clean them up straight away. If you have pest droppings in your kitchen you will put your health at serious risk. Even insects leave a mess in their wake; bedbugs will leave brown trails that look like rust. If you keep finding the same dead bugs in your home, then chances are you’ve got an infestation. 

Pest infestations can be a real pain if left for too long, so make sure you learn how to spot the signs. When you do come across issues, investigate further and call in the professionals to take a look.