Skincare Tips from Missha That Are Perfect for Your 20’s

Posted July 2, 2019 by in Beauty

If you’re in your 20’s, now is the time to start taking care of your skin. How you take care of your skin during this decade will determine how your skin will look as you age. Wearing sunscreen and using skincare products like Missha will allow your skin to reap the benefits for years to come. You may feel like you don’t have enough time to do an actual skincare routine; however, it’s something you should do on a daily basis if you want to have glowing skin. 

Skin care may seem like a chore, but your future self will thank you if you start doing a routine before the signs of skin aging occur. Here are some skin care tips you should consider if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s. 

  1. Know your skin before buying your skin care products

In your 20’s, you may be tempted to buy certain products because influencers on Instagram are raving about them. While these products may be great, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the choices set by other people. Find out your skin type, and only purchase products based on that. Using a product meant for oily skin will not be ideal for you if have tight, dry skin.

Once you know your skin type, build your night skincare routine according to the kind of skin that you have. There are products like Missha’s Super Aqua Cleansing Foam that are good for all skin types.

  1. Choose a better product over a cheaper one

If you want your skincare routine to be effective, you have to choose the right kind of products. Most people think that a cheaper product is better; however, buying a cheaper product may give you more expensive problems in the long run. There are also high-quality products that don’t break the bank, like Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream that combines BB cream and sunscreen protection in one so you don’t have to buy two products.

While it’s true that more expensive products aren’t necessarily better; it’s important to note that in your 20’s, you should prioritize quality over the price tag. Your skin will thank you!

  1. At least make sure your face is clean before sleeping

Sleep is the most important part of a skincare routine. The best products, without the right amount of sleep, is bound to fail. It’s also important to note that the skin quality while your sleeping will be determined by how clean your face is before hitting the sack. At the very least, you should make sure that you remove your day’s makeup before you go to bed.

When you’re in your 20’s, it seems like there’s not enough time to do anything. It may be true for some, but it’s most important to set aside a few minutes before bedtime to clean your face. If you can’t afford to have a fancy routine, then you can do the bare minimum of cleansing and toning.

However, if you’re nearing your 30’s, clean skin won’t be good enough. You’ll have to do a skincare routine to make sure that your skin won’t age quickly. If you feel like you should be doing extra care to your skin then try buying product sets like the Time Revolution Night Repair Limited Edition Set by Missha.

  1. Don’t wear makeup every day

One piece of advice is to lessen the amount of makeup you wear on a daily basis. Makeup pigmentation is caused by chemicals that are harmful to your face upon prolonged use so it’s important that you don’t use makeup daily. Alternatively, you can use skin-friendly products like BB creams, lip and cheek tints that are not too heavy on your face. If you really need to wear makeup for work, make sure that you remove it before going to bed. 

Not wearing makeup can be a deal breaker for some, so just consider taking a break from makeup two-three times a month.

  1. Hydration and sleep

Your body needs water and sleep to function properly. Incidentally, drinking water and sleeping properly are some of the most underrated pieces of skincare advice. What you put on your skin won’t matter if you don’t give it the right nourishment and hydration.

It’s never too late to start a skincare routine. Whether you’re in your early 20’s or nearing your 30’s, you can take advantage of products that give you glowing skin without the hefty price tag. Make sure that you know the kind of products you buy so that you will maximize its benefits.