5 Storage Ideas to Keep Kids Clutter in Check

Posted August 18, 2019 by in Decor
storage ideas

Your child’s clutter can take over your home in a matter of minutes and you may find yourself completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Every parent we speak to about this says they always need more storage space to keep their child’s clutter in check. Let’s look at some of these expert ideas below. 

Keep the Artwork on the Wall 

Your child likely brings home a ton of artwork from school and you may find yourself constantly putting holes in the wall to hang it up. Fortunately, you no longer must do that. Avoid the holes in the wall and fill up that empty space by using colorful tape. There are many tape options to include patterns, colors, and even characters. This way, you can take the artwork to the wall and not have to mess with holes and nails. 

Fruit Baskets on the Wall 

Another great storage idea is to place fruit baskets on the wall. This is a great way for you and your children to store their favorite toys from stuffed animals to books and even baby dolls. Fruit baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose a mixture of them and make sure you hang them low enough that your child can reach them. 

Magnetic Strips on the Wall 

Magnetic strips are perfect for those children who love cars. Those small Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars are made from metal and will stick to the magnetic strip quickly and easily. If you have ever stepped on one of these cars, you know it hurts and you also know how easy they are to lose. 

A magnetic strip can be placed on the wall both quickly and without damaging the wall. When your child is done playing with the cars, simply place them on the strip and they will rest there until it is time to play with them again. 

Utilize a Peg Board 

A peg board is the perfect DIY solution for storage in your child’s room. You can easily remove clutter and help your kids stay organized by installing a peg board on their wall. Peg boards allow you the opportunity to place hooks into the board to hang up new items, buckets, or bins. 

If you are a DIYer, you can quickly and easily paint the peg board and it can act as décor on your child’s wall too. 

Dress Up Station 

If your child loves to play dress up, one unique way to create a storage spot is to revamp a nightstand. Simple place an adjustable sized pole inside of the nightstand after removing one of the drawers. This way, your child’s outfits can hang up in there and the remaining drawer can act as a storage space for shoes and accessories. 

Storage in Your Child’s Room Can Be Fun 

Storing items within your child’s room and trying to keep your child organized may seem like a big stretch but with the right motivation and stylish organizational tools, your child will keep their room cleaned up and organized in no time.