5 Strategies for Keeping Fit as You Age

Posted July 5, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Aging is something everyone has to face, and even the fittest people will find it slows them down. However, there are ways to keep active as you age and hold onto your independence as long as possible, and we’ll tell you how below. 

Woman holding a glass of white wine while sitting on a picnic blanket at a park

Walk, Walk, and More Walking

You will likely notice your energy levels start to dip as you age, and your endurance will decline steadily. A great way to keep active during this time is to walk, walk, and keep on walking. Going for a walk is less demanding than running or jogging but is still great for the cardiovascular system. Harvard Medical School recommends walking for a minimum of 30-minutes, five days a week. As well as being a fantastic source of movement, getting the fresh air will help to keep your mental state positive. 

Eat Brain Foods

Looking after our brains is the key to keeping hold of independence as we age, and with around 6 million cases of dementia in the US, it’s even more important. You can help safeguard your brain by simply switching up your diet, which should include fish, fruit, olive oil, vegetables, and omega-3 foods. All of these foods will give your brain the nutrients it needs to stay sharp and keep you active. 

Increase Bone Density

Fragile bones, which are medically referred to as osteoporosis, impacts more than 10 million people in the US alone. The condition can be slowed down through medication, but there’s no actual cure, which means prevention is your best chance. Strengthening your bones can be achieved through brisk walking, mild resistance training, stair-climbing, and serious gardening. To decrease the likelihood of fracturing bones in old age, you should start this process from 35. 

Ditch Bad Habits

There are more than 2 million fatalities worldwide from liver disease, and they’re not all a product of alcohol abuse. However, drinking heavily will increase your chances of suffering liver failure, which is why you need to reduce your intake. No one is asking you to ditch alcohol entirely but limiting yourself to no more than 14 units per week is ideal. 

When it comes to smoking, the best way to avoid complications is to quit completely. Tobacco contains more than 70 chemicals that can lead to cancer, including lung failure. Further, smoking can speed up the aging process, which will unwind any other work you’re putting in. Quitting smoking at any age will help to boost your life expectancy. 

Try Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy is a great way to maintain independence during your senior years and will assist with actions including stair climbing, range of motion, and strength training. If you live in an assisted living facility, you will have access to restorative therapy included. During the session, you will have a full-body assessment, and then a plan will be written up. 

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Aging comes for everyone, but there are ways to minimize the impacts and maintain independence. Caring for your body by exercising, having a nutritious diet, and ditching bad habits will all help combat aging.