5 Things Every Living Room Should Have

Posted February 11, 2020 by in Home
cozy couch

It’s the room for relaxing on the couch on a Friday night after a long week, the room to watch TV or a movie with the family. A place to share a coffee or a glass of wine with your friends as you catch up. The living room is the best area in the house. Therefore, it needs to be comfortable, cozy, and styled perfectly.

Here are five items that every living room should have to achieve maximum comfort:


Rugs are lovely living room accessories that enhance that cozy feeling. They can be used as decorative features and look wonderful on hard-wood floors and carpeted areas. Persian style rugs, like the ones over at orientalistrug.com, have been classic choices throughout the years. These look great in vintage-inspired rooms and contemporary ones, too.

Due to the fact rugs are so versatile, they are always heavily featured in interior design trends. This makes them a must-have item in your living room. 

5 Things Every Living Room Should Have

The Perfect Couch

The most important item of furniture in your living room- the couch. When designing your living room area, think about how the furniture fits in with the color-scheme you have chosen. Once you know what colors you’re looking for in the fabrics, pick a style that best suits the shape and size of your room.

For example, corner-sofas are great, but they tend to fit larger living areas better due to their size. Of course, the ultimate test for the perfect couch is how comfortable it is – so try before you buy! 

woman reading on cozy couch

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great addition to a living room, mainly due to its practicality. The likelihood of spilling drinks or other things onto a carpet is dramatically reduced if you have a steady surface to place your mug or glass. They can also be used for additional storage space as some designs incorporate drawers or shelves underneath the surface.

If you’re living room is too small for a coffee table, consider investing in side-tables instead. These serve the same practical use, and some sets are stackable to help you save space. 

chic coffee table setup


Lamps are useful items to have in most rooms, but especially the living room. If your ceiling lights do not have a function in which you can dim them, lamps are how you change the ambience of the room. Sometimes it’s nicer to sit in a warm, low glow of light – especially if you’re watching a movie.

Table lamps or standing ones are both great options depending on the overall design of your living room, or you can make them yourself

Vintage chair

Shelving Unit 

Whether they’re fixed to the walls, or you have a free-standing unit, introducing some shelving into the room is essential. They are necessary to store books or to display decorative items. They also take up what would otherwise be vacant wall-space, making the room feel more like a home. 

bookcases in living room

Make sure your living room has these five items to create a truly comfortable atmosphere.