5 Things That Prove You’re Officially an Adult

Posted September 3, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Becoming an adult can happen gradually, or it can come at you in a flash. Sometimes you will not be as prepared as you would like to, but it’s up to you to make that transition happen as good as possible. You will have to make decisions on your own and know when to ask your family for help, but ultimately, you will have to come to your own conclusions.

Several things will happen that indicate your childhood days are fading into the past and your new adult life is around the corner. Here are five things that prove you’re officially an adult:

1. You Start Paying Your Own Bills

One of the first things you will do to make you realize you’re an adult is paying your own bills. You will most likely start paying your phone or internet bills and restaurant bills when you go out with your friends. When you start paying your bills, you will feel as though you don’t have enough money for the rest of your expenses and hobbies. For this, you can invest your money and make it work with you. You can do this with the best Robo advisor in Canada, Wealthsimple. 

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You can minimize risk by diversifying your investments using Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. Additionally, Wealthsimple’s automatic investments will make automated contributions and reinvest your dividends and rebalance your portfolio as the stock market fluctuates. The best part is using a mobile app to keep track of your investments and portfolio.

2. You Notice Weird Smells Coming From the HVAC System.

When you grow older, you start understanding how things work and how things can get damaged. For example, you will begin to identify weird odors in your home coming from your air conditioner. Likewise, you will know what these air conditioning odors all have a different meaning. For instance, you will know that a burning smell means way too much dust settled inside the AC unit. 

Additionally, a rotten egg smell can mean you have a dead animal in your air ducts. Moreover, if you think there’s a skunk in your house, chances are you have a gas leak that has entered your air ducts. If these bad smells persist after a day or two, you need to contact a professional technician to clean your HVAC system to eliminate mildew, have them check your unit if it needs an aircon gas leak repair, and free your vents and ducts from debris and mold. 

3. You Start Getting Backaches on The Regular

Another sign you’re becoming an adult is when you start getting backaches for merely standing still. You will become subject to fading cartilages in your vertebrae and begin to feel more tired day after day. If you keep up a rigorous exercise plan and diet, you might just manage age-related back pain better than others might.

4. You Start Buying Groceries every Week

When you start to become an adult, you begin choosing your own food. So when you go out to the supermarket, you will start adding snacks and ingredients to your cart that only you like. Of course, your family will wonder why you’re picking these things, but only you’ll know it’s because you’re becoming an adult.

5. You Start Looking at Houses to Move Into

Lastly, the most obvious sign that you’re becoming an adult is that you start looking for houses to buy or invest in for real estate. You start pre-applying for loans and looking for realtors to provide house showings. 

These are some of the obvious signs you are becoming an adult. Enjoy your new life!

*Photos by cottonbro