5 Things to Consider Before Buying Art for Your New Home

Posted December 16, 2021 by in Home

Moving is a mixture of excitement and hard work, and nothing captures this duality better than the home decorating phase. Decorating encourages centering yourself, defeating homesickness, and settling in for new beginnings. Displaying art signifies the final symbolic touch. 

Imagine going to a friend’s new home, observing how they’ve decorated, noticing some wonderful art, and digesting what you see. A sculpture, a painting, and a rug stand out to you, suggesting coziness, extravagance, and simplicity all at once. 

You know the friend well, you see the relationship between their home decor and their personality, and you leave inspired. The art spoke to you, as it initially spoke to them, which is why they had to have it!

That same inspiration will find you when you purchase art for your new place. Here are five tips to help you with your search for the right art to complete your home:

Boho decor with a record player and a Moroccan rug.

1. Envision Your Space 

Art adds depth not only to your living space but also to how you think, feel, and live. Get to know every corner of every room and search for what the space calls for. Any room would improve with the addition of art, so leave none behind!

Ask yourself what rooms you’ll spend each morning, afternoon, and evenings in. What would you do, how would you feel? If you’re no morning person, improve your morning environment – for example, the kitchen – with calming or funny art. 

And if you’ve already begun establishing a color scheme or design theme, don’t worry. Art doesn’t have to play by the rules – it allows for creative clashing. Any juxtapositions will add flavor and represent the whole of your taste rather than a single part, enriching the space.

Think of your new home’s emptiness as a canvas to open your perceptions. Explore with your mind’s eye to see what colors, moods, or textures are needed. By envisioning your space through the lens of art, you’ll take the first step towards enlivening your new home.

2. Have a Budget

Just as one shouldn’t grocery shop on an empty stomach, have a budget before you shop around for art. You can’t bring your artistic vision to life if you don’t know where your money starts or ends. 

So before you even start looking, you should set a budget and not stray very far from it. The awesome thing is, with any luck and a little patience, you can find awesome art on any budget. 

From 20 to 100 to 500 dollars, great art comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices. The point is to have a budget – any budget – so you can focus your search.

3. Know Where to Look 

Knowing where to look is half the battle; don’t rush and soon you’ll find the collection your new home deserves. These tips should help you with your search.

Start local. Get to know the artists in your area by attending a local art showcase to find some fresh undiscovered art. Or visit music venues and tattoo shops, which often feature incredible art. Even if you love a painting the owner won’t sell, you’ll find the name of an artist to search for.

Online shopping allows you to select from a diverse selection of art without leaving home. Fortunately, the internet gives you access to plenty of art, at various prices and levels of authenticity. It also opens the door for international art, which can add cross-cultural depth to your home. 

Traveling is another way to discover some awesome art while making some great memories in the process. If you’re on vacation, make a point to seek out some local galleries. Or if you’re still planning one, choose a place known for its local art scene. Stumbling upon greatness is often an artistic way!

4. Purchase Thoughtfully

There are a few buying tactics to consider once you’ve found a piece. Don’t be afraid to apply them. Your home and your wallet will thank you in the end.

Get the biggest bang for your buck. A general rule is getting more per square-inch for your dollar. This means choosing an expensive large painting over an expensive small painting.

Buy from emerging artists. Their work is often amazing while being fairly priced. And your purchase would go a long way for them compared to someone more established.

Negotiate, trade, or plan a payment, always asking if the given price is final. Some artists would love the idea of a steady paycheck for a few months. Others would love to have some help with their computer or cleaning.

Solicit commission works from artists – this requires a bit more precision. Communicate with them, send a picture of where you want the art, and give examples of objects you like. And don’t deviate them from their style – it’s what makes them great, what attracted you initially!

5. Love What You Buy

If you love what you buy, the purchase decision will radiate within your home. If you love it, likely others will as well. Listen to your eyes, fingers, or feet – trust in your instincts! If you fall in love with it, don’t let anybody talk you out of buying.

Learn the artist’s story – it adds a deeper level of appreciation for the work. Plus, if someone sees it, say, in your living room, and asks about it, you’ll be prepared for the conversation. 

Usually, an art gallery or online store will have information about the piece and artist, which you should learn. Take to social media to see if they have a page you can follow and support as well. 

A home’s final arrangement can speak volumes about the person living inside of it. Visual representations, such as art, are like mirrors reflecting your personality onto the ceilings, floors, and walls of your home. 

This move is a fresh start for you and purchasing art should feel better than the final box unpacked. Live, laugh, and love—with art!