5 Things to Think About Before You Change Careers

Posted January 10, 2019 by in Career

Do you find yourself gazing into space wondering how much longer you’ve got to wait until the end of your working day? Would you like to feel more enthusiastic about going into work? A change of direction in your career might be just what you need. 

Nowadays, more and more people choose to change their career, not once or twice, but actually seven times on average. If you’ve got drive and ambition, there are certainly a lot of choices. Searching for a new job can be stressful because you want to find the right role. At such an important time in your life there are five things you need to think about:

Know Your Strengths

If you’re thinking about a career change, take this opportunity to learn more about yourself. It’s good to understand what your strengths are because it can help you find the perfect role.

Think about what you’re really good at. Is there something that you really enjoy? Have you gained any skills over the years? Answering these questions will give you more direction and confidence. 

Create an Action Plan

Knowing where you want to be is not enough, you also need to have a plan on how you’re going to get there. Your action plan should be clear and include achievable steps you can work through in order to achieve your goal. As you work through each stage of your plan, remember to reward yourself and be proud of your achievements.

Work on Your Network

If you learn how to network, it is going to make a big difference to your future career options. Networking involves getting to know people and connecting with those who can help you on your way. It’s not the number of connections you’ve got, but the value of your connections that are more important.

Consider Your Future

When you change careers, don’t forget to take your future into consideration. What kind of retirement package is your new employer offering? Is now the right time to think about purchasing a term life insurance policy? If you’re starting a new business, for example, you may have taken out a loan. The proceeds of a life insurance policy can be used to pay back the debt.

Don’t be Afraid

It’s only natural to feel a little afraid and anxious about the change you’re about to make. Anyone would if they found themselves in a similar situation. The important thing is to not let your fears stop you from trying something new. Take the time it needs to confront your fears and deal with them. Don’t think you have to do it alone, as you’ve got friends and family who can help. Once you’ve dealt with the issue, you’ll feel more confident, energized, comfortable and able to turn the pages on the next chapter in your life.

Before you hand in your notice and start looking for a new job, think about the points mentioned above. If you want to make this important life change, you have to put some time and thought into your decision.

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