5 Things You Didn’t Know About Crow’s Feet

Posted February 1, 2022 by in Beauty
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There are certain things about aging we can’t change. And there are some signs of aging many of us wouldn’t change. A recent survey showed 52% of under thirties think cappuccino is only for ‘ancient’ people.

Now, if you like a good cappuccino, why would you even care what anyone else thinks? But still, there are other signs like crow’s feet that give us away, and we would like to correct them.

If you are curious about crow’s feet and how they affect us, keep reading. Here’s a brief guide to those tell-tale fine lines we dread:

how to slow down the process of crow's feet and other fine lines

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Over time, we can begin to see fine lines forming from the corners of our eyes. Then, the eye lines stretch out toward the temple, leaving a permanent etching on the side of our face. And yes, they do kind of look like a bird has landed on our skin.

There are two types of crow’s feet familiar to the aging process. The dynamic eye lines are remnants of the muscles we use in our faces. Often, they only show up when we smile or squint.

Static crow’s feet are wrinkles that become deeper over time. They remain on the skin and become more prominent with age.

For many, crow’s feet are like a badge of honor that depicts a full life. Yet, for others, the fine lines are signs of aging we would prefer to do without instead.

Preventing And Erasing Crow’s Feet

Even though crow’s feet are natural signs of aging, some factors speed up the process. Excessive exposure to the sun is a common cause of getting crow’s feet early. Smoking is another contributor to the onset of eye lines.

The signs of aging will occur as the skin begins to lose elasticity. People who show more facial expressions will tend to develop crow’s feet sooner. Yet, skincare remedies can slow down the signs of aging.

To reduce the sun’s effects on your skin, use sunscreen whenever you can. Or protect your face with sunglasses and a hat for shade. Of course, avoid exposure to smoke, and keep your skin moisturized.

Products for skincare will keep your facial skin more elastic. But creams cannot remove crow’s feet that already exist. The alternative then is wrinkle treatment with a skincare professional.

If you want to remove crow’s feet, check it out at a clinic near you. They can provide products to reduce the fine lines. Or, wrinkle treatment like botox might be the remedy you need.

Look After Your Skin

The fine lines of crow’s feet don’t have to mean you are getting old. Eye lines can happen at younger ages without proper skincare. So start early to prevent the signs of aging before they begin.

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And if you are already showing crow’s feet, don’t worry. Grab a cappuccino and call a wrinkle treatment center for advice. And if this article smoothed over some of your worries, come back for more helpful tips.