5 Things You Should Consider When Moving Into Your New Home

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Purchasing a new home is both exciting and stressful. But as Rollingwood Management Inc says, keeping track of all the tasks that you must complete before moving in is a whole new hassle on its own. There’s just something about seeing all your cherished belongings packed away in boxes that gets you emotional, and leaves your tensions running high. If you need help finding professionals check out threemovers.com notes for reliable movers.

However, we have found that you can avoid these tensions most of the time and the best way is to prepare ahead. This is why we have assembled this comprehensive checklist of stuff to think about and plan for before making the big move!

Is the House Clean?

This one is quite obvious but worthy of mention nonetheless. Regardless of how tidy the new place appears to be, the former owners must have left some dirt behind. So cleaning the home from top to bottom is a top priority before moving in. Why? Fur, dust, and other allergens could be in hidden places.

Of course, you can hire a cleaning service if you don’t have time to do the cleaning yourself. Otherwise, you should arrive a few days before your move so you can clean the house thoroughly. Visiting https://www.zerowastegroup.co.uk/portsmouth-rubbish-removal would be ideal in this regard in case you are a UK resident.

Are the Locks Changed?

There’s no assurance that the previous owner of your new home has handed you all the keys. Therefore, you have to be extra security conscious by changing your entire locks before transporting your valuables to your new home. 

Find a reputable locksmith to help change your locks and check out CLK for quality locksmith supplies. We also suggest performing a general security audit, such as inspecting your window latches and padlocking your crawlspace. Don’t leave out security codes and passwords; change them too.

Are Your Utilities Set Up?

If you’re relocating to a close neighborhood and your electric provider offers service there, rather than opening a new account simply request a switch. Before you move into your new house, make contact with your water, power, Internet, gas, and cable providers. 

Set a date and time for your current house or apartment to be disconnected, and confirm when you’ll need these utilities and facilities in your new place. Also, make sure your new home is set up for garbage collection by calling your nearest waste management facility.

Is Your New Home Pest-Proof?

Few days before moving in, set out time and get a pest control spray. This isn’t always necessary but you can’t afford to simply rule off the possibility that bugs and other pests are lodging in your new home. Once your belongings arrive at your new home, it will be difficult to get rid of bugs. If you notice any serious signs of pest related damaged, such as termite damage for instance, then you might want to look into local termite control companies who can deal with the problem quickly and effectively for you.

As a result, doing so ahead of time will not only protect your pets and children from these pests, but also shield them from harsh chemicals.

Are Your Kids and Pets Ready?

Moving always takes its toll on kids and pets. So if you happen to have them, ensure that you get them as ready as possible for this relocation. First, you may need to confirm new school placements, or at least let the old school know about the change of address. If you need to book kennels for your pets during your move, do so long before the move date. Also consider how they’ll be relocated and how you’ll care for pets and children when moving.

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