5 Things Your Cat Will Surely Love

Posted May 26, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Many people like cats and cats are among the most common pets. As these creatures are fascinating and intelligent, they are loved and chosen by most pet parents. Mostly, the things that your cats will love match with yours. They may adapt to your likings, such as fresh foods, fun activities, and others. 

However, with their changing age, the things they love may alter. For instance, if they love playing with a soft toy one day, they will find it boring the other day. So, it’s up to you to look after what your kitty loves doing the most. But at the same time, there are certain things that your pet will love despite the changing age or other such factors. So, as a pet parent, you need to look after these aspects and keep your cat healthy and happy. 

List of things that your cat will love 

Cats are small sentient creatures, and their likes may differ with age. Also, there is a long list of all the things that this small creature will surely love doing. We have tried to include five prominent aspects here. These are: 


This is a well-known fact that cats love sleeping. And kitties can spend around 14 hours taking naps! That’s the maximum time your cat loves doing something. But what can be done because everyone loves spending the time in a comfortable space. Prepare a comfy space for your kitty with soft fabrics or small furry blankets. However, the choices of different cats may alter according to their age or breed. Try to recognize what your cat loves the most and make provisions for the similar. 

But, make sure that you keep an eye on the sleeping patterns of your kitty. The average time spent on naps can differ for cats depending on their age. So, if you feel like your cat’s sleeping too much or too less, consult with a veterinarian right away! 

Fresh food

Who doesn’t like fresh foods? No one would want a plate of stale food for their breakfast or lunch. Because along with bad taste, these can make one sick! 

The same is the case for your pet. They love fresh foods that taste good. Also, consider checking the expiry dates and nutrient content necessary for your kitty on the pet food packs. These will keep them active and healthy as well. You can look out for the best brands of cat food online. If you still feel confused about selecting the same, take the help of a veterinarian. 

Daily playtime

Playing is a very important thing from an early age, and they seriously love it, just like taking naps. And in this matter, the cats have minimal demand. So they can play with anything, from toys to woolen yarn balls. 

Daily playtime helps your cat to stay engaged and happy. Although there are innumerable toys for cats available on the market, you need to consider what your kitty loves the most. 


The cats love grooming and spend half of their waking time doing this. Also, it is very important for them. There are specific reasons why they love doing this. Grooming helps them remain clean, maintain healthy skin, and feel relaxed. The cats may also groom each other, and they do this to strengthen their bonds. 

If your cat loves to be groomed by you, do it by brushing its fur with a rubber brush. It will keep them clean and cool by removing the residues from the furs. 

Love and attention

Many may think cats to be solitary animals and that they love to spend most of their time alone. But, in reality, they love their owners and need affection from their humans. 

They may sleep near you, lick you, or show love towards you through similar acts. Give them company, spend time with them or play with them. 

These are some major things that your kitty will surely love doing. They love taking long naps, having fresh foods, playing, and grooming. As a pet parent, you need to make sure these small creatures get the best of all these. 

Prepare a good space for them so that they can enjoy their naps. Also, get them nutritious and fresh foods and spend time with them playing. All of these will keep them happy and healthy. However, consulting a veterinarian will be the best option if you have any doubt regarding their health or how to take proper care of maintaining the same.