5 Tips for Balancing School Work and Social Life in College

Posted June 3, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life. You are supposed to make memories, get a little crazy, create time for your friends, and still ensure your academic work is not neglected. As a student, there are there main aspects that you have to balance out; personal, academic and work life. 

The personal element majorly involves your social life, and the academic aspect is all about coursework while work is, well, work is just working. How do you ensure you balance your college life to accommodate both your scholar and social needs? Here are five tips!

how to balance studying and social life

Avoid Procrastination

Admit it, when an assignment is handed out, there’s a chance you wait until the last minute to do the school work. It then results in you handing in poorly done work, which then results in low grades. To maintain a healthy balance between school and your social life, ensure that all tasks are handled promptly.

Once work piles up, it becomes difficult to get started, and you start feeling overwhelmed. There’s nothing wrong with getting ahead of your schoolwork or assignments. In fact, reading ahead makes it considerably easy for you to tackle all tasks given to you.

Get Help

Sometimes there’s just too much school work that you barely have time to grab a meal, leave alone, hang out with your friends. Say you have tons of assignments, but you also need excel homework help. How do you ensure you get all work done without having a breakdown? You outsource the extra work to assignment experts!

It will give you time to catch a breather. It will also ensure you hand in expertly done work and that your grades aren’t adversely affected.

Time Management

College life can fly by pretty quickly. For some reason, it seems like your day has 5 hours instead of 24. One minute you are running through halls trying to get to your next class and next thing you know, it’s midnight, you have a pile of books to read, and you realize you haven’t been out in over a month.

To get the most of your college experience, you need to plan your time. Be very particular about how you spend your time and, if possible, have a calendar where you put on all activities you intend to engage in. Set aside specific days or times when you focus on your social life and others where you concentrate on school work.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Here’s why most college students find themselves overwhelmed by college life, failure to prioritize tasks. The truth is that college can be hectic. There are days when you’ll be so exhausted that you will pass out on your bed with your shoes on.

You need to figure out which tasks to give more attention to. For instance, if you have an assignment that is due in two weeks and requires extensive research, but also have another one due in a week but is easy, start with the simpler one. Do it earlier in advance so that you can have more time to research on the difficult one.

Consider Online Classes

Online classes are a lifesaver! Have you ever been in a situation where you have the classes back to back, but all of them are located on different ends of the campus? By the time you get to your next class, you are exhausted, sweaty, and can’t even concentrate much as you’re still thinking of how to get to your final class. 

The reality of campus is that you could do your best to have a balanced life, but at the end of the day, you won’t have any time to socialize. With online classes, you only have to have a stable internet connection and maybe some noise-canceling headphones. They will save you lots of time, which you can then allocate to your social life.

College life doesn’t have to be that serious. You only need to have a school-social life balance, and you will enjoy the experience. Will it get challenging at times? Yes! Will you always have school work to handle? Definitely! 

With the above tips, you will be able to tackle your schoolwork with ease and still have time left over to have a thriving social life. College is where you create memories to tell your grandkids. Don’t ruin it by focusing too much on academics at the expense of your social life.

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