5 Tips For Choosing the Right Puppy For You

Posted August 4, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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You’ve considered everything, made your pros and cons lists, and are ready to adopt a new puppy. Once you’ve decided to take that step, it gets very exciting, very fast. The time will soon come for you to bring a new furry family member into the home. The question then becomes, “what type of dog should I get?” You can’t take this question for granted because while puppies are cute and fun, they are also hard work and quickly grow into adult dogs. You don’t want your pup to end up being returned because you are not a fit with each other. Here are five tips for choosing the right puppy for you. 

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Choose the Right Breed

Every breed is different. While no two dogs are exactly alike, each breed comes with certain characteristics that are common within that breed. You want a breed that matches your lifestyle. For example, if you like to hike, be outdoors, and have adventures, choose a dog that can keep up with you. If you are more sedentary, select a breed that doesn’t need a lot of exercise and excitement to thrive. You may also prefer a small breed, a large breed, or even something in the middle. If you want small, look for mini dachshund puppies for sale instead of great dane puppies, for instance. 

Pick The Litter

Dogs start socializing and learning behaviors almost immediately after they are born. Their parents will begin teaching them what is right and wrong, and they will start to figure out how to get food and water. They will play with their siblings and parents and learn about their world. Much of their teaching comes from their mother and father. However, just like humans, not all dog parents are the same. Some are better at helping their pups socialize. Some are better at making sure they get exercise, and some are lazier than others. Picking the litter means you can pick a family of dogs based on how they are raised. They will inherit some of their parents’ attributes by blood, but each has its own personality. If you pick a litter or the parents that you think are a good match, then you are bound to get a good puppy.

Choose a Temperament

That said, even dogs of the same litter can have differences. When you visit a litter of pups, you can observe them playing with each other and interacting. Is there one that’s running around and rough-housing? Maybe there’s one who seems a little more relaxed hanging out off to the side. That puppy might not be for you if you aren’t into rough-housing and high-impact play. They may also be dangerous to small children if they cannot control that excitable mood. However, the relaxed one might be the perfect fit if you are looking for a puppy to snuggle with and get along with the rest of your family and pets. 

Can You Tolerate Dog Hair and Dander?

Even if you have already decided to get a puppy, it doesn’t mean you have to get one that leaves a lot of fur around your house. There are several reasons why you might not want a dog that sheds a lot for several reasons. For one, you or a family member might have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues triggered by pet hair or dander. You may also have a lot of carpet in your home, or nice upholstery, that you would rather not get covered in fur. Carpets can trap pet dander, leading to dust mites, bacteria, and other substances that can be dangerous for your health. Of course, you can always choose a dog that doesn’t shed much or is hypoallergenic. That way, you can have a puppy like you’ve always wanted, but still, protect your family’s lungs and your carpets. 

Is There a Connection?

Sometimes you can’t go with logic or preconceived wants and needs. Sometimes the dog picks you. On the other hand, you may visit a litter or go to a rescue, and a dog stands out to you for some reason. Maybe it was very friendly and seemed comfortable with you right away. Or perhaps it just had striking looks that appealed to you. Whatever the reason, there are times when there is an invisible and unexplainable connection between a dog and a person it has just met. If you get this feeling, then there is no reason why you can’t act on it. Maybe that dog’s personality or lifestyle won’t match yours, but if something is meant to be, you can make it work. 

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While it’s exciting to think about bringing a new puppy into the home, you should make sure that you don’t jump into things without looking. Instead, use these tips to choose the right puppy for you. This will help make the transition easier and lead to a long and happy bond with your new family member. 

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