5 Tips for Surviving a Summer Heat Wave While Looking Fabulous

Posted August 21, 2020 by in Fashion
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The summer months are a fun time for several reasons. You can lounge in a refreshing pool, stock up on iced treats, and break out your bikini. However, excess heat and humidity can make you feel sticky, tired, and gross. It can leave you with acne, skin irritation, and sun damage, too. Moreover, all the sweat and stickiness can ruin your favorite outfits. If you’re in the middle of a summer heatwave, all of that can get even worse.

While there are challenges to staying glamorous in a heatwave, it’s not impossible. You don’t have to ditch the fancy clothes, hair gel, and bronzing tools. Instead, switch up your makeup and attire to match the warm weather.

Stock up on lightweight, tinted moisturizer, false eyelashes, and airy clothing. Use falsies instead of mascara, and lip balm instead of lipstick. Use a mask to hydrate your skin overnight, and remember to apply a liberal dose of high-SPF sunscreen.

Read on for some tips to look your best even when it’s scorching outside:

Keep Your Clothing Airy

In the summer months, sun exposure can cause fine lines, wrinkles, sunburn, and skin damage. So, choose your clothing carefully. Don’t wear dark clothing as that can absorb heat. Tight clothes can suffocate you during the summer months. However, you can still look your best during a heatwave — all you have to do is pick the right outfits.

Wear long, airy outfits that promote circulation regardless of the humidity outside. Wear textures and materials that don’t stick to your skin. That will help you look your best without worrying about stains or sweat ruining your outfit. If you’re spending a long time outdoors, cover your arms and head to avoid excess sun exposure. You can keep this stylish too. Wear a patterned headscarf or a bandana for style and comfort.

Innovative and stylish coolnet bandanas are available in the market that are UPF 50+ for optimum sun protection. One of the best coolnet bandanas is manufactured and supplied by 4inbandana.com.

The soft and airy fabric accessory bearing chic artwork is multifunctional and can be styled in multiple ways; it can be worn as a headband or a scarf. You can also wear it as a balaclava or a face mask whatever way suits your outfit and needs best.

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Switch Your Makeup Routine

It’s crucial to adjust your makeup routine to the weather. Even if you wear waterproof, long-lasting makeup, the humidity and heat can ruin your look. Your best option is to ditch the excessive makeup to look more presentable. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t look your fabulous best. Less makeup will help you look better since it will not smudge, slip, or melt.

Don’t forget to remove makeup every day to keep your summer glow. Sensitive skin is also more prone to acne breakouts, so ensure you use makeup remover. Use a lightweight formula like micellar water. Don’t scrub your skin off to remove makeup— use a cotton pad to dab at it, especially on your eyelids.

If you’re putting on a ton of makeup for a special occasion, use a setting spray, so it doesn’t smudge. Skip the eyeshadow and emphasize your eyes with liner (although a primer will help keep it from smudging). Instead of using lipstick that can smear because of humidity, use a tinted balm. Carry a lightweight mist to keep your skin hydrated without ruining your makeup. Instead of heavy mascara, try magnetic eyeliner and lashes.

False eyelashes can be a hassle, but if you get magnetic lashes, you can look your glam best. Some false eyelashes can slip and slide off during summer. However, a magnetic lash kit will help your eyelashes stay put. You don’t have to use any glue, and the lashes adhere quickly to your upper lash line. So, there’s also the advantage of easy application.

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Embrace the Undershirt

How can putting on more layers help in the summer months? Well, an undershirt can help soak up the moisture from the humidity outside. So, you won’t have to deal with sweat-stained pits or stains on your clothing.

Pick a lightweight, airy fabric. And, ensure you make similar decisions with your underwear as well. Pick the right materials and avoid underwires on bras. The friction of the underwire under your breasts can cause heat rashes in warm weather.

In addition to your choice of undershirt, there are also many summer-appropriate materials for bras and panties, such as cotton and the trending bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber for undergarments is made of viscose rayon fabric or wood pulp, which is thought to possess anti-bacterial properties. Hence, wearing bamboo-made undergarments can help prevent odor buildup and the unhygienic condition of your intimate private parts.

Including bamboo women underwear in your wardrobe closet completes your summer outfit. Underwear pieces made of this material also come in various styles, colors, and sizes, including cotton, cotton-spandex, or Lycra.

Nourish Your Skin

During summer, the skin becomes exposed to a lot of environmental elements, including the sun, dry air, and even salty water in the beach sea and chemicals in the pools of beach resorts. In addition, you might also neglect drinking enough water to replenish the lost nutrients and water from your body after intense physical activities.

It’s also important to focus on skincare since a heatwave can strip your skin of its moisture. To keep your summer glow, start your routine with a good moisturizer. If you have oily skin or sensitive skin, pick an oil-free moisturizer. People with dry skin should make sure the formula has proper hydrating properties. Use vitamin face mist to keep your skin healthy.

To avoid breakouts in the summertime, don’t forget about your cleanser and toner routine. It will also help you deal with grime and excess oil. The best skincare products for summer are lightweight and water-resistant. Also, ensure there’s enough hydration to avoid drying out your skin. Use exfoliants to cleanse your skin in warm weather.

Follow this up with a sunscreen with high SPF to avoid sun damage from harmful UV rays. Make sure you pick the right sunscreen and reapply it often. Apart from sticking to a routine, also make sure you keep your skin healthy. Load up on products with aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, and SPF.

Focus on Styling

When did you last get a stylish hair cut? Stringy, sweat-soaked hair isn’t exactly a good look for any season. It’s not easy to avoid sweating through a hairstyle in the summer. So, don’t spend on fancy highlights and blowouts. Get a short, summer crop to keep your hair off your neck. It will help you feel fresher and look more stylish. If you’re not ready for short hair, focus on learning how to do a variety of updos. Elegant buns and top-knots can keep you cool — and help you look your stylish best.

Don’t forget about your hands and feet. A heatwave means you will want to wear open-toe sandals and wedges. Sneakers are a great summer style, but they can be too hot during a heatwave. Remember to get a pedicure, so you can air your toes while keeping your look fabulous.

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How do you change up your style and beauty routine in the summer heat?