5 Tips To Boost Your Airbnb Listing

Posted October 16, 2021 by in Home

As the pandemic fears slowly disappear, Airbnb hosts can bring back their spare bedrooms to the market. Indeed, if you’ve got unused space at home, Airbnb could be the ideal way of monetizing it. However, as of 2019, Airbnb has around 6.1 million listings. Granted, they are not competing for the same location. But chances are that you’ll find many local hosts in your area.

So how do you get your listing seen? 

#1. Ban Cold and Damp Spaces

Pictures can reveal a lot. But they are unlikely to show how warm or cold a room is. However, guests will get to notice and will leave their reviews accordingly. As there’s nothing more harmful than a high listing ranking with terrible reviews, you want to make sure you can control air infiltration in your property. Old windows will need to be replaced before welcoming your first guests. Similarly, a leaky roof could let the cold air through. If you are considering postponing repairs for financial reasons, take a look at these FAQ’s about roof repair services. As you can learn, not all repair services will require a full roof replacement. The sooner you get your roof assessed, the easier it is to keep costs low.  

#2. Keep it Chic 

There’s no mystery: A beautiful decor will attract more guests. However, when working in a limited space (a bedroom area), you need to bring the decor to life without bulking elements. Creative landlords can get playful with wallpapers and wall paints. Adding a colorful accent with a dramatic dark wall can elevate the space. If you are a confident painter, you can even try to create a mural that will become Instagram-famous!

#3. Have a Welcome Basket

Some rental accommodations pack a welcome basket for their guests. It’s something you can often find in boutique or luxury hotels. But you can also prepare a welcome present for your guests without breaking the bank. If you know your guests are unfamiliar with the region, it can be nice to pack local flavors such as jam or cheese. If they have access to an en-suite bathroom with a tub, branded toiletry, and skincare face masks can be a nice idea. You could even pack seasonal gifts, such as some Halloween sweets, for example. Your reviews will shine!  

#4. Accommodate for Introvert and Extrovert Guests

Even though guests rent a room inside your home, they may not feel comfortable spending time with you. It’s important to mention a separate entry and self-service key pick-up. However, some guests may want to get to know you and have a chat. So, use your listing to let them know that you will be available to arrange a guided visit of the neighborhood or to share a meal together at home. Allow your guests to let you know how they want to interact with you. 

#5. Breathtaking Photos

Your photos will do all the hard work. Therefore, you want to invest some time and skill in taking mesmerizing Airbnb photos. Ideally, guests will prefer listings with 20 to 30 photos to get a sense of the property. Keep your photos clear, with high resolution and a width-to-length ratio of 3:2. Finally, stage the room and plump up the cushions.  

Are you ready to bring your Airbnb listing to top rankings? Good photos and great reviews will get you most of the attention. But unique and quirky pieces, such as showing an accent wall or a hamper basket, are guaranteed winners. 

*Photos by Taryn Elliott