5 Tips to Choose a Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Posted November 12, 2022 by in Fashion

Are you getting married soon? If you have a bridal party, choosing the right bridesmaid dress is essential. While you of course want them to look good while they stand next to you on your special day, their comfort is also very important. Bridesmaid dresses are about more than fashion; it’s about making your ladies comfortable. If they are comfortable, they will look beautiful.

If you’re on hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, here are some tips to ensure both you and your bridal party are happy:

Bride Holding Bouquet of Flowers with her Bridesmaids

1. Choose a Flattering Dress Style

No one likes feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in their clothes. When choosing a the perfect bridesmaid dress, be sure you pick a style that will flatter all body types. For example, there are bridesmaid dresses with sleeves and without, short dresses, knee-length dresses, and also ankle-length. There is a vast array of choices to accommodate ladies who have different body shapes – whether petite or curvy, tall or short.

2. Stay Within the Color Palette

As far as choosing the color for your wedding goes, it’s best to keep it simple. When you’re picking flower arrangements and decorations, try to stick to one main color rather than a combination of many colors. This applies equally when you choose bridal party dresses too. Having more than one type of gown may be alluring but won’t allow your girls to stand in the crowd as much as a uniform dress will. This reminds me, you also need to decide if your bridesmaids’ dresses should match the wedding colors or be a contrast. AW Bridal can help you figure that out with their wide selection of color palettes.

3. Get What Fits Them Best

The right fit is an absolute must! It can’t be a good feeling trying a dress on and stepping out of the fitting room only to find it’s too tight or doesn’t sit right across your shoulders. While looking at the available styles, make sure you pay attention to details such as neckline, sleeves, back style, length etc. These features show exactly how well a gown will fit each of your girls-some may prefer strapless, others of-the-shoulder or cap sleeves. You’ll want their comfort first and foremost so this is the time to make sure you pick something that all of your girls will be comfortable in.

4. Pick Styles That Suit Their Figures

As we already talked about, you need to carefully go over each gowns’ design and pay attention to the neckline, sleeve style et. This is not only for visual reasons, but there is also a functional aspect that you should take into account—will it flatter your bridesmaid’s figure?

Think about their body shape and pick styles accordingly, such as V-Neck dresses if the lady in question has a broad shoulder line or has a smaller bust. It’s no secret that certain cuts work better on different shape; do some research on celebrity best dressed lists and see which silhouettes were worn by stars with similar figures.

The most popular styles are strapless, one-shoulder, v-neck, and halter.

5. Be Realistic About Your Color Palette

It’s not easy to admit, but you can’t have it all! Let’s say you were having trouble picking between two sets of bridal party dresses with the same color combination but different styles. If that’s the case, then don’t try to reconcile these conflicting dilemmas by deciding on a third choice with its own distinct style. The chances are that this would result in an even greater headache down the line when outfits for other events need to be chosen.

This sounds like I am pressuring you into sticking with one particular option – l don’t mean it this way at all! What l want is for you to make your final decision after careful consideration and only when you’re sure that all the chosen styles will work equally well in different venues.

Stylish young bride with best friends standing in park before wedding ceremony

l hope this article was helpful and that you feel more prepared to make a decision on your bridesmaid dress. If you still have questions, do your best to speak with the professionals at your CICNIA bridal boutique before making final decisions. At CICNIA, they will always do their best to ensure that your big day turns out perfect and all your requests are met!