5 Tips to Dressing for a Dinner Party With Your Friends

Posted May 2, 2019 by in Fashion
friends having a dinner party on a rooftop

People don’t have dinner parties anymore. Instead, it seems like everyone is having “get-togethers” or “gatherings.” These may just be new-fangled phrases for pretty much the same thing. However, there is just one problem. Everyone knew what to wear for the dinner party of old. Now we’re wondering about dressing for a dinner party with your friends. Check out our tips below:

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  1. No Heels in the Home

Are the hosts are shoes off household? If you’re allowed to keep your footwear on in the home, you should definitely check out Gucci shoes latest designs. If not, don’t worry too much about your footwear since you won’t be creating an outfit based on your shoes, more on that in a moment. 

  1. Going Barefoot

If you’re requested to remove your shoes, you’ve got three options. Refuse. This could leave you to having your invitation revoked. However, if you’ve especially cute pumps on your host may make an exception.

Your second option is to go barefoot. This is an excellent option, especially in the warmer summer months. Ensure you’ve had a pedicure to make your nails look great. You can pair your bare feet with a cute party dress. If you want to cover up your feet, you can take away attention with a maxi dress or skirt. 

  1. Select Socks Carefully

Normally your socks may be hidden underneath your shoes. However, this time everyone’s going to see them. Therefore, this isn’t the occasion to wear mismatched socks. You maybe shouldn’t be wearing your novelty Disney themed socks either. Go with something classy and simple. Black socks always work well with any outfit. 

You also should be avoiding tights or stockings. If your friend has wooden floors, they’re get damaged before the appetizer. They can also make walking a bit slippery. 

  1. Dress Up not Down

It shouldn’t really matter whether you’ve got a reservation at a fancy restaurant or you’re going to your friend’s place for dinner. If you want to dress up, nobody should stop you.

Why don’t you wear that vintage dress you keep meaning to find an occasion for? This is the moment to try out your most daring outfits in front of a friendly audience. However, you should also have limits to your dressing up. There’s nothing worse than outdoing the host with your look.

You can also hedge your bets. Pack a pair of earrings and bobby pins in your bag to dress up. You can also put your hair down without jewelry if you’re going casual. 

  1. Waist Upwards Priority

You’re probably going to be spending most of the night around the dinner table. That’s unless you’re expected to sit on cushions on the floor. Therefore, make sure you’re at least wearing a cute top or a tailored shirt. If you insist on wearing scruffy jeans, then so be it.

If you’re a messy eater, then make sure you don’t wear white (I know I am!). Nobody thinks tomato stains are a good look.

Dressing for a Dinner Party

Now you know our top tips for dressing for a dinner party. You can make sure you’re prepared for a casual gathering of friends or a formal “meet the partner” dinner.

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