5 Tips To Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Demands Of The Holiday Season

Posted December 21, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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It’s December, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to make sure your kitchen is ready to take on all the demands of the holiday season. It’s likely your kitchen will be the hub of the activity, especially if you’re hosting a holiday party for family and friends.

Whether your party is something everyone looks forward to each year or this is the first time you’ve thrown such a soiré, here are five tips to prepare for a wondrous event:

1. Consider Your Dishes

If your daily dinnerware consists of mismatched plates, bowls, and cookware, now’s the time to consider investing in a good set of each to showcase your holiday meal. You don’t have to spend a million dollars on these things but making sure everything coordinates at the table will impress your guests. 

Make sure you also have enough silverware for everyone, and think about drinking glasses as well, especially if you’re providing mixed drinks at your party. 

2. Clear Out the Clutter

If yours is like most kitchens, then it is a catch-all for things like bills, sporting equipment, shoes and more. Take some time to clear out all this clutter well before the big day. You’ll need all the counter space you can get for preparing the meal, and the less unnecessary stuff that’s in the kitchen, the more comfortable your guests will be. 

3. Make Room in the Fridge

The fridge gets a lot of use during a holiday party. From guests needing cold drinks to you preparing the meal, this appliance is just as important as the stove itself.

The last thing you want your guests to see (and smell!) is a grungy refrigerator full of old food, so get in there and clean it out. Throw out anything that’s not edible anymore and wipe down the inside and outside with hot, soapy water. It’s likely you’ll have lots of leftovers, so you’ll need all the room you can get. 

4. Make Sure Your Oven is Up to the Task

The oven is the most important appliance when it comes to holiday festivities. Without it, your guests are likely to be disappointed and hungry. While it may be tempting to run it through its self-cleaning feature just before the big day, avoid the temptation because it’s stressful on the appliance and could cause it to stop working just as you’re putting the ham in. 

Instead, simply wipe the top and sides down with an all-purpose cleaner, so the outside is sparkling clean. Leave the inside of the oven for after the first of the year when it isn’t such a vital part of the holiday. 

5. Stock Your Kitchen

It’s a given that you’ll need more food and drink than you’d normally buy for a regular party. If you have guests with special needs (vegan, allergies, etc.), be sure you take this into account as you buy and prepare foods for the big day. 

Another thing to think about is having plenty to drink for everyone. Be sure you supply plenty of bottled water and soda in addition to the alcoholic drinks, so there’s something for everyone no matter their preference. If there will be children, provide some kid-friendly drink options, as well. 

December is a time for family and friends, and if you’re planning a holiday get-together, make sure your kitchen is up to the task. Use the tips above to make sure your kitchen is ready for the demands of the holiday season.