5 Tips To Help You Floss Better

Posted April 7, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
woman flossing her teeth in bathroom mirror

Tooth health is one of the greatest favours you will do yourself and your body. Teeth last a whole lifetime longer if we start to care for them from an early age. That is where flossing comes in as the greatest habit to learn if you are keen on tooth health.

Floss can be harmful for the environment, yes, it is true. It might shock you but you may be harming the Earth’s environment while flossing and you did not even know it. There are some amazing zero waste floss options out there. Shop zero waste here today!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you floss better:

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  1. The Length

You might think you would not require a certain length for your flaws but that is actually not true. Although there is no set pattern for the length of the floss, it is said to be between 15 to 28 inches long. The optimum length makes sure you get the best usage of your floss without creasing and straining your fingers too much. Try and get the ideal length and see how your flossing experience is transformed. 

  1. Tightness

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while flossing is to hold the floss too loosely or too tightly. There must always be balance and you can make the best out of your flossing through that. Here is my favorite floss that I can trust completely without any struggles of bleeding gums . Next time when you hold your floss right and have the best flossing session, you can think of this post!

  1. The Motion

One of the most basic problems with flossing is that people try to take out all of the dirt and plaque in one go.It is a process that you must continue to do for great results and cannot be achieved in one day. so the motion that you need to use is that of slow rubbing. It may seem like it is doing nothing but believe me, it is going to help you out a lot. Slow rubbing is the way to go, it makes sure you are not damaging the animal, outer layer of your teeth while flossing.

  1. The C Shape Floss

Now the question arises how one must go through the flossing near gums. It is pretty simple. Try a C shaped motion. When the floss goes near the gum line, just curve it into a C shape and against one tooth. Always be gentle when you are sliding into the space between the gums and go easy while you do so. 

  1. The In Between Teeth Move

Always remember to hold your floss tightly against the tooth for best results. The in between part of the teeth remains mainly neglected and it is best to cover that area as well when you are flossing. Always move away from the gum while going in an up and down motion to avoid hurting your gums. You can repeat this same method on all of the teeth especially looking out for the back of the last tooth, that is where the decay is waiting to happen.

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