5 Things to Consider When Picking out a New Pair of Glasses

Posted July 9, 2019 by in Fashion
how to look good in glasses

It can be hard choosing the one pair of glasses that can go with what you wear and go with your natural features. Here are some top tips to get you started in your search for the ultimate pair of glasses:

Be Yourself 

Being yourself and buying a pair of glasses that most closely represents you is important. Most likely you will be wearing them on a daily basis, so make sure you feel happy and confident in the pair you choose.

Knowing what your style is or what kind of look you are trying to create will help in what glasses you decide to purchase. 

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Consider Your Eye Color, Hair Color, and Skin Tone

Matching your glasses to any of your natural features will help tie the whole look together. Not to mention, you can have glasses that can be more versatile and suited to your overall look. Nike glasses have a varied choice in styled frames and vary in bold colors on the arms, sure to make you stand out.

Likewise, you may prefer a more neutral colored frame that can be more adaptable to different outfit choices. Take a look at what Nike glasses are on offer and compare the more muted colors with the more vibrant ones. With this freedom, there is a pair for everyone to choose from. 

How to look good in tortoiseshell glasses

Pick Frames That Suit Your Face Shape

Being comfortable in your glasses is important if you want them to suit you. The frames and arms need to sit comfortably, whilst finding the right shape glasses to suit your face shape is vital also. Before buying your eyewear, have a look at some tips on how to match your face shape to a pair of glasses and familiarize yourself with the different styles out there. 

Square framed glasses!

Make Sure They Will Go With Most Of Your Outfits

Depending on if you are fairly active or not, will determine what kind of look you need. You may be more interested in a more sporty style of eyewear if you lead a very physical lifestyle. Or if you are in the office a lot, you may favor a more sophisticated and elegant look.

A good way to determine what look you are aiming for is trying a variety of glasses on and having a sense of what goes well with your outfits. You can’t be sure until you try it!

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Use Accessories

A great way to make your glasses suit to you more is by taking note of their style and replicating that throughout your outfit. If your frames are blue, then match this by wearing some blue earrings or eyeshadow. Check out some tips on how to make your glasses more of a fashion statement and coordinate with your outfits. This is exactly what you need to kick start your confidence in wearing glasses and have a pair that suit you more as a person. 

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These are all worth considering when looking for a new pair of glasses. Understanding the look you are going for and what you have to work with are the main aspects in deciding on the best pair of glasses that suits you.