5 Top Career Development Ideas

Posted March 1, 2021 by in Career

Whether you’re at the start of your career or ready for a career move, it’s never a bad time to get your work life organised. And like most things in life a little organisation can go a long way. By setting some career goals, creating a timeline, and integrating professional training courses, you will be on your way to more money, higher status, or more free time. 

Set Goals 

What kind of person are you: active or passive? If you’re an active person you probably don’t use goals. Active people tend to achieve their potential and aims by intuitively meeting their goal. That doesn’t mean they don’t have goals, only that they are not formalised.

If you’re a passive person, however, you can really benefit from setting goals. Passive people tend to become comfortable in a job role and don’t progress as a result. Goal setting is a very effective way to make progress in your career. 

Develop a Timeline

A timeline can be developed for the short term or the long term. In fact, it makes sense to develop one for both to ensure you have a clear pathway to success. At those times when you feel unsure about your career direction, you can always rely on your timeline. 

Start my thinking about what is important to you in your career. Do you want more seniority, more money, or more time for training and development? Use these broad aims to develop a timeline that facilitates progress without causing stress.

Training Courses 

One of the keys to unlocking your true career potential is training courses for career development. The only way you can get ahead in your career is through knowledge and experience, both of these can be accessed through career development training. 

Kallibr is an industry leader in career development training courses. In your timeline make some space for training courses like the ones offered by Kallibr  you will soon notice the effect it has on your career moving forward. 

Path Review 

If you want to get ahead in your career then it pays to keep you bosses informed about your career timeline and your goals. Bosses love to hear that you’re mindful of your career and will support you with extra time and resources to help you out.

Most people have a quarterly or bi-annual review with their boss. At these meetings it’s useful if you can communicate about your progress. Keep your boss informed about any progress you’ve made or send them a pre-review email with discussing points. 


You may not have thought about it since high school or childhood, but journaling is an excellent tool to assist you with career development. By setting down notes here and there about your thoughts, ideas and experiences, you build up a better picture of where you’re at and where you’re going. 

You don’t have to subscribe to the old journaling cliche of keeping notebooks, or writing at an oak desk. Use a convenient app that allows you to download your notes and access them from anywhere. 

*Photos by Keren Levand