5 Top Marketing Tips for Your Brand-New Beauty Product

Posted November 26, 2021 by in Career

After some tough years for everyone, the prospect of self-care might never have been as important as it is today. 

The beauty industry is colossal and rife with opportunities for diligent entrepreneurs like yourself, provided you are willing to recognize its unique challenges and tackle them to the best of your ability. 

In order to give your brand-new beauty product the best possible start in life, paying attention to your marketing efforts is a must. 

Thankfully, there are many online platforms and avenues worth exploring in this regard, some of which can be mastered without having to spend too much money in the first place. 

Here are five top tips to help you improve your marketing efforts and get your beauty product flying off the shelves in no time. 

  1. Branded Packaging

The value of branded packaging should not be underestimated. Sometimes, unwrapping a new product is part of the fun! 

Great branded packaging adds dynamism to your product by supplying your customer with another talking point, something tangible to remember you by. 

Moreover, it can help your product stand out on the shelf, virtual or otherwise. Your branded packaging should not only reflect the overall aesthetic of your company, but it should catch the eye at first glance. 

A custom solution designed by reliable experts is likely the best way to go, but it can be difficult to account for every detail that might end up benefitting your product. You may want to learn more about some great branded packaging solutions online. 

  1. Showcase Your Expertise Through Video Content

Video content might be the ideal medium through which to showcase beauty products, particularly if you have the expertise to make it highly informative. 

For example, creating a how-to video in which you used your product as part of a makeup tutorial is a superb way to breathe life into your campaign. 

If your customers can actively see the results of your product, and you can show them how to get the best results out of it, you may have an easier time convincing them that your brand is worth turning to. 

Video content is versatile too, since you can reuse it across a multitude of channels, such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

  1. Social Media Marketing

Speaking of social media, it should be taken seriously for anyone trying to market a brand on a budget. 

Some YouTube channels dedicated to beauty, like Yuya and Nikkie Tutorials, have amassed millions of followers, making them exceptionally influential figures in the social media world. 

If you can manage to get an influencer to showcase your product, you can essentially access their entire fanbase. You can easily find the influencers by using influencer marketing platforms such as Humanz, Grin, Upfluence, etc. These platforms offer features that allow you to filter thousands of influencers and find the best person who can present your brand and product to their audience. You can simply choose their interests, location, gender, and also followers’ amount, age, etc. For international brand owners, finding macro influencers and working with them can be a good choice as their audience is from all over the world and the amount of followers is more than 100000. Small business owners, in this case, will be succeeded by working with nano influencers as their audience is more targeted and has a higher engagement rate. In theory, you can start a partnership by simply sending them free samples to work with – just make sure their values, personality and message reflect your own. 

Social media should also be used when striving to create your online presence. Posting regular updates is a good way to ensure your brand stays familiar to the public. 

  1. Go Local

The modern consumer wants to support their local businesses, so why not take advantage and start marketing a little closer to home? 

If you can get a local store to stock your products, you can begin to establish a strong presence in your current area, hopefully developing a loyal customer base you can rely on. 

This does not mean to say you should give up on your online efforts by any means; quite the opposite in fact – it means using this technique in conjunction with your other endeavors. 

There are other ways you can start building a local presence, too, like setting up a stall at a market, renting a storefront for a popup opportunity, or placing an advert in the local paper for your brand. 

You may find that local radio stations and newspapers are more than willing to spread the word about your brand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch; you might not have to pay anything at all. 

  1. Reach Out to Wholesalers

To take your beauty product and your business to the next level, you will probably need to start shifting a higher volume of goods.

This can be tricky without a great deal of resources, so a good alternative could be in the form of a wholesaler. 

Retailers will most likely buy from select wholesalers already, out of convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

Finding out who these companies are and pitching your product to them may be the marketing boost your brand needs to truly get up and running. 

*Photos by Shiny Diamond