5 Tricks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

Posted February 26, 2016 by in Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but who has time for the full works every morning before work? If it’s a choice between an extra fifteen minutes in bed or fifteen minutes in front of the mirror, I’m choosing bed. That’s because I’ve got my morning routine down to a fine art!

Below are five tips on how you can speed up your morning routine while still looking fab all day: 

1. Shower the night before

It’s a simple lifesaver, and there are lots of benefits of showering the night before. First of all, it gives you an extra fifteen minutes to work with. Use that time for a little lie in, or spend some extra time on your hair and makeup. (Plus, who wants to be shaving while you’re still half asleep?)

Skipping the shower in the morning is also good for your skin. A warm shower in the morning actually dries out your skin. That makes it less than ideal when you start putting makeup on. If you’re worried about your hair, use a dry shampoo in the morning, and embrace the messy updo. Simple.

Who else is dry shampoo fan?

2. Find a miracle skin serum

When it comes to skin care, most routines seem to come with a six-point plan. Wash, primer, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup. Who’s got time for that? Instead, find yourself the perfect serum or cream that works for you. Try to double up, and find all-in-one creams

And to save even more time, keep your favorite organic skin care products in one place, so you can apply them quickly. I also suggest drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. It’s the best way to get flawless skin as soon as you wake up in the morning!

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3. The five-minute face

Is it possible? Of course it is! A five-minute makeup routine is doable, but only if you’re organized with military precision. Keep all your makeup essentials in one place, and lay them out within easy reach. Hands up, who just has a messy bag full of everything? It’s time to get rid of it, and create separate sections for everything. Stick to simple colors and products you know work for you, so there are no surprises.

5 Tricks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine // www.brokeandchic.com

4. Focus on the eyes and the mouth

If you’re really pushed for time, focus your attention on the eyes and the mouth. These are the two aspects that draw the most attention. So what if you’re contouring isn’t perfect? So long as the eyes are drawing attention, and the smile is colorful, you’ll look amazing.

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5. Choose your outfit the night before

We all make rash decisions first thing in the morning. We’re still half-asleep, and there are hundreds of other thoughts floating through your mind. That’s why it’s a bad time to choose your outfit! Instead, hang it out the night before, so it’s ready straight away. Trust me, we all make smarter choices the night before!

5 Tricks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine // #brokeandchic

That’s all for now, ladies. Have you got any super tips for your morning routine? Share them with me below!