5 Useful Types of Scissors You Need to Buy

Posted January 5, 2021 by in Lifestyle

There are many different types of scissors that can significantly improve completing some tasks. At first, it might seem like you can get things done with typical paper scissors you have in your drawer, but the outcome of that decision might not always be satisfying enough. Depending on the material you will cut, your clippers will have different size, edge type, and handle.

You can find many different types of shears adjusted to your needs. Let’s say you are left-handed. Using typical scissors might not be the most comfortable task to do. As the market demand for those types of products constantly grows, you can find different types of shears adjusted to left-handed users.

Read our article below to find out more about five types of scissors you never thought you might need:

1. Dressmaker’s Shears

‘When buying a pair of scissors to use for home haircutting, you don’t want to buy just any scissor; you need a specialized scissor designed for cutting hair’ – say experts from Scissor Tech. When it comes to trimming, we cannot express how crucial the blade’s quality and its thickness are. If you decide to use paper scissors with a thick edge, you will damage the structure of your hair.

Scissors used by hairstylists, such as thinning shears, swivel handle shears, or crane handle shears, usually have pretty thin but sharp blades.  In that way, it is easier to cut your hair without damaging the natural structure. Let’s be aware of the fact that blunt edges can not only make the trimming process more challenging but also significantly slow down hair growth as it becomes weaker. High-quality scissors which are meant for cutting should help you avoid the problem.

 2. Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are used for precise and detailed tasks. As the name suggests – these are a fantastic choice for tiny snips you will use during embroidery. The blades are sharp with a pointy tip, which can significantly make the neat work easier. This tool might be helpful when it comes to hand sewing. A little tip worth mentioning is to tie them to a ribbon and put it around your neck, so you don’t need to keep looking for them while creating your little masterpieces. 

3. General Craft Scissors

All the craft-lovers know how handy and easy-to-use those scissors are. They are cheap and available, almost everywhere. Because of the affordability; we can probably find several pairs of those around our house (if not, it’s time to buy it finally). Put them in places with easy access around the house like the kitchen drawer, pencil cup, etc. You can use them for almost everything (better not for cutting your hair), from heavy-duty tasks to simple ones such as fabric cutting and flower trimming.

Before making a purchase, consider buying general craft scissors in different sizes. In that way, you will find several tasks easier to accomplish and spend less time trying to cut certain materials. 

4. Pinking Shears

These sewing scissors can consist of jagged blades – perfect for creating a zigzag edge while cutting the fabric. The unique construction of the blades helps to cut the materials just like you want. Keep in mind that you should never use those scissors on paper if you want the edges to stay sharp and neat.

5. Kitchen Scissors

We all have scissors in our kitchen, but this type is different. Kitchen shears do the same job as a chef’s sharp knife but can cut the meat and vegetables much faster. You can use it for chicken and effortlessly separate perfect pieces ready to put on a plate.  

It also has more uses than you thought! Some versions contain a jar lid opener, screw cap, or even a bottle opener. By making this multipurpose purchase, you can reduce the amount of gear in your kitchen drawers and flawlessly cut your meat.

Once you have used your scissors, you can easily take off all the attachments and clean them. This gadget will definitely become a vital tool for our kitchen in the nearer future.

These days you can find thousands of different types of scissors on the market. It is surely worth investing in a good quality dressmaker’s shears if you like to trim your hair on your own. What’s more, it is crucial to perceive buying those tools as an investment. Those scissors will probably stay with you for a long time if you take proper care of them.

In every household, there should be a pair of shears for heavy-duty and scissors for small detailed work. You will never know when those will come in handy, and it can be too late to purchase those once the situation occurred. Remember to seek high-quality and diversity in the blades while completing your home cutter kit.