5 Ways to Boost Your Career in the Tech Industry

Posted December 5, 2022 by in Career

If you are looking for a career that promises plenty of opportunity for variety and progression, and which is pretty safe in an unstable world, then a career in tech might just be right for you. 

The digital age is well and truly here to stay and that means that there are more tech jobs than ever available. What’s more, according to the US Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), tech jobs are expected to be among the fastest growing over the next ten years. With so many jobs to choose from, it can be tough knowing how to pitch yourself and where to start. 

Thanks to a range of factors, including the Great Resignation and the growing home and hybrid working culture that has arisen as a result of the pandemic, there is a tech talent gap. Put simply, this means that there are more tech jobs than there are people to fill them. However, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to relax. If you are serious about a career in tech, and if you want to be truly successful, you need to make sure that you have got skills that not just any, but the best, organizations want. 

According to the experts at Motion Recruitment, these are five simple ways to boost your career in tech. 

  1. Big up your resume

Get as much experience as you can in both paid and unpaid posts. Write down your skills and experience, take a step back, and have a really good look at yourself. Do you demonstrate versatility and an ability to learn and adapt? If your skill set appears to be one sided to you, it definitely will to a prospective employer. So, identify the gaps and work on ways that you can gain experience and qualifications to fill them. If you struggle to be objective, ask a colleague, friend or recruitment agency to take a look and see where the strengths and gaps lie within your resume. 

Once you have worked to ensure that you have a rounded skill set, don’t forget to shout about it! Your resume is your opportunity to sell yourself so don’t be shy. 

  1. Discover what you do best

A large proportion of how good you are at your job is based on how much you enjoy it. You may love interfacing with customers, or you may prefer a more backend role. You may be creative, or data might be what makes you tick. Whether you have strong preferences or you sit on the fence as an all-rounder, it is really helpful for you to work out what makes you happy. Because if you are passionate about something, it is guaranteed to show throughout the recruitment process. 

  1. Get out there

Nobody got a job by sitting quietly and waiting to get noticed. The only way you are going to work out who you might like to work with, and who might like to work with you is to network, network, network. Career opportunities can come from a range of places, so talk to friends, family and colleagues about your ambitions. If you know someone with your dream job, ask them for advice on how you can achieve what they have. Even better, ask them to be a mentor; they may take you under their wing and offer you work experience and advice as well as letting you know about potential opportunities. 

  1. Stay up to date

The digital world moves fast. You may have been out of the loop for five months or five years, but huge changes will have happened in that time. The secret to success in tech isn’t just knowing what has happened and is happening, but developing a good understanding of what might be happening in the future. To progress in tech, you need to show a deep knowledge on every level. If you can’t chat over drinks about what the metaverse really is, or hypothesize on the future of AI and its impact on tech jobs, then you are opening yourself to the possibility that you will be outpaced by someone else. 

Staying up to date doesn’t just show that you are serious and informed about digital. It might just help you to identify potential opportunities before they hit the mainstream. This could lead to you getting a qualification or experience in a new, up and coming discipline, or it may be that you see an employment gap that you can fill. By getting there first and making sure that your resume is tailored to reflect the job you have our sights on, you increase your chances of getting noticed and, ultimately, of success. 

  1. Use a tech recruiter

With so many tech jobs available and great packages that promise a good salary and a host of benefits, it can be hard to work out which jobs are good, and which are too good to be true. A tech recruiter will know which organizations are great to work for, who takes care of their staff, and who takes the time to invest in their talent for the long term. They will also know the companies that offer shiny employment packages, but also have a high staff turnaround. If you consult a tech recruiter, you can still continue to look for work yourself, but you will also have someone with huge amounts of industry knowledge looking on your behalf. It’s in their best interests to help you land (and keep) a great job, so they will make sure that they help you to hone your skills and polish your resume before getting to finding the best job for you.