5 Ways to Find Motivation to Exercise

Posted August 30, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Everyone knows that a sport is a key to good health and a fit figure. Everyone who exercises regularly says that it also improves mood helps to get enough sleep and relieves stress.

How not to put off going to the gym for another Monday? Here are five simple tips to help you get to the gym and make exercise your favorite habit.

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1 – Set clear goals

Formulate for yourself realistic goals and forecasts for the results of training. To do this, it is enough to answer the question of why you go in for sports. Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight or run a marathon, the goal depends on your intentions. It should be your motivation. Label it in your mind, write it down and hang it in plain sight, or make a promise on social media.

The situation when you give your best in training, but cannot achieve the desired result, is very demotivating. Therefore, realistically assess your capabilities, and set short-term and achievable goals. Don’t try to lose 20 pounds in a week or build abs for your next date unless you’re dating once a year.

When you notice progress, understand that training brings positive results and you are moving in the right direction, then the enthusiasm and desire to visit the gym will noticeably increase. During training, set yourself mini-tasks, for example, perform a certain exercise 20 times in several sets, and gradually increase the pace, increase the load. The same goes for the desire to increase muscle mass or lose weight. Set goals for the month. When you reach them, formulate for the next and so on until you get the desired result.

At the moment when you feel like skipping a workout, remember why you started exercising, what you are striving for and what you have already achieved. After analyzing your path, you will realize that you have already achieved a lot and overcame yourself. Can you retreat now?

2 – Remember the fear of the beginning

The hardest part about exercising is getting started. Doubts, self-doubt and fear of failure are standard and quite logical reasons to bypass the fitness club. To overcome them, take action. Most of the gym-goers are “mere mortals” just like you. They all come here to fight their shortcomings, “sculpt” their body, develop it and strive for perfection. Do not be shy – even if you do some exercises incorrectly, no one will laugh at you.

To feel more confident, just remember that each of us thinks about how he looks like himself, and not a neighbour on the simulator. Yeah, and that jock in the corner of the room is worried about how he looks right now, not you.

Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. After some time, your results will amaze everyone, and after a few sessions, you will already forget that you were embarrassed to go to the gym and were generally afraid to cross the threshold of a fitness club.

3 – Stick to the plan

Training should be interesting and varied. The same exercises can quickly get boring, and you risk losing motivation. To prevent this from happening, prepare a plan of varied activities for the week and stick to it. Decide how many days a week you will devote to sports and choose days for training.

Remember that at least one exercise a week is better than none at all. As long as you train regularly, this is already a good start. It is also important to determine what time you will attend training, and when and in what area of ​​​​the body you will work.

Fitness should be fun. Today, both a simple run and Crossfit can be turned into an exciting quest using all kinds of fitness gadgets. They are able to keep a record of your results and stimulate you to new achievements.

Immersion in classes and a well-thought-out plan contribute to the growth of motivation, because you begin to feel your body and listen to sensations, find harmony and enjoy regular exercise. If you get involved, you begin to visit the gym regularly, then classes will increase the hormones of joy and happiness in your blood.

4 – Make a program with a trainer

Depending on your goals (create relief, increase endurance), workouts will be built in different ways. Moreover, the exercises can be the same, but they should be structured for your specific tasks. Separate training, circuit or interval training will give different results. This is important to consider when choosing exercises.

Of course, you can build a training program on your own, but it’s still better to rely on a coach. No wonder most fitness clubs offer a trial session with a trainer for free. And there are a number of advantages here. Each of us has a different level of preparation. The trainer will help you create a program that takes into account the individual characteristics of the body and your metabolism. He or she will show you how to do the exercises correctly, tell you how to train more productively, and advise on nutrition. Choose comfortable Emamaco shapewear  to feel attractive and enjoy a new sports uniform.

Remember that fitness and sports should bring not only results in the form of an increase in muscle mass and a slender silhouette, but also simple joy and satisfaction from the training process. A program developed by a fitness instructor should also help you with this. He will select for you an individual set of exercises, thanks to which you will come to the fitness centre with enthusiasm (not fear), and leave (and not crawl out) after training with pleasant fatigue and a smile on your face.

5 – Think of a system of fines and rewards

Think of a plan of rewards for achieving the desired results and punishment for not achieving them. This is sometimes very uplifting morale, and tuning in to training is already much easier. For example, as a reward, you can treat yourself to some kind of purchase or trip. The punishment may be to give up something that is important to you. For example, you can bet on the money with someone from your environment. Missed a workout – paid the agreed amount.

Our body is designed in such a way that if it gets used to something, then without it feels discomfort. Over time, when sports become a habit, the need for a system of fines and rewards will disappear. Thus, having accustomed yourself to a regular share of loads, you will begin to perceive fitness as an antidepressant, and then you simply won’t be able to skip workouts. After all, if you enjoyed it, you will most likely repeat it again.

The global fitness industry even practices special adaptation programs for beginners. We have a “smart start” – free classes in mini-groups for people with no experience in fitness. Training is led by an experienced trainer who introduces beginners to the equipment, the correct technique for performing exercises, and to each other. Such a program allows people to feel much more comfortable, clearly understand their tasks and not be afraid to come to a club where there are only strangers and there is no one to even talk to.

It’s never too late to start exercising. The main thing is to take the first step and not give up!