5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Posted February 19, 2021 by in Beauty

The winter time can be harsh on your skin, which is why it’s important to keep it hydrated at all times. However, there are many ways to make that happen, and applying a moisturizer is only one of them. So if you’ve been dealing with dry skin, or you just want to elevate your skincare game, then here are some amazing tips that will keep your skin properly hydrated, soft and healthy:

1. Protect Your Skin When Going Outside

The first step toward achieving skin dehydration is to keep it moisturized before leaving home. This is especially important during the winter, when the air is cold and temperatures are low. Plus, the cold winds and such temperatures can cause your skin to be dry and irritated, which is why it’s important to give it necessary moisture by wearing proper moisturizer or even better, a sunscreen with SPF high enough to protect your skin from harsh sun rays.  

2. Avoid Using hot Water 

Showering with hot water may be comforting especially after a long day, but if you want to keep your skin soft and nourished, then it’s best to skip hot water and opt for lukewarm temperature instead. If you want to continue showering with hot water, at least, try to switch the temperatures between hot and cold, so your skin will be better protected from overly hot temperatures.

Also in order to replenish your skin moisture after showering, feel free to apply a rich body butter or a body cream. That way, your skin will feel super soft and silky.

3. Find Products That Suit Your Skin Type

Using products that are too harsh for your skin type can lead to further drying, while using products that are too heavy for your skin may cause clogged pores and breakouts. That’s why it’s important to find products that suit your skin type. This is especially important when it comes to face serums and creams, as appropriate ones are the sure way to moisturize your skin and keep it soft. That’s why reading the ingredients and learning about your skin characteristics will definitely help you in the long run.

4. Have a Routine That Works For You 

Having a skincare routine is critical if you want your skin to be healthy and hydrated. You should start with your routine in the morning. However, since nighttime is when your skin regenerates while you sleep, it’s also important to have a night routine.

Since you’re probably going to bed right after applying products, feel free to add a few extra layers of cream especially if you suffer from dry and chapped skin. 

5. Treat Yourself to a Face Mask 

A face mask is a perfect act of self-care, especially after a stressful day or a week. There are many different types of face masks, and not all of them have the same purpose. So, if you want to nourish your skin with rich essences and serums, then look no further than sheet masks. These types of masks are soaked in serums which makes them a perfect solution for anyone who has dry skin.

Of course, if you want to really treat your skin with a rich mask, you can also choose an overnight face mask that will properly nourish your skin and keep it hydrated, even after you wake up.

Keeping your skin hydrated should be your top priority, especially during the winter and summer. If your skin is naturally dry or dehydrated, then you should invest extra effort to give it all the nutrients. Using appropriate skin products, such as serums and moisturizer is a great place to start. But, having a proper and consistent routine is the best way to give your skin all the care that it needs.

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*Photos by Vlada Karpovich