5 Ways to Live as a Minimalist and How it Can Benefit You

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Some people are natural minimalists, in which they may never have been fans of spending too much or living in a busy home. Minimalism may be seen as living in a bare and neutral way, but it’s not just about having limited possessions.

Many people choose to switch to minimalism as a way to declutter their lives and to better understand what matters and what counts in regard to their own lifestyle. 

What Does it Mean to Be Minimalist?

Simply put, minimalism is about living with less and avoiding anything which is unneeded. This stretches further than simply the stuff you have at home; it can also mean living with more freedom from financial burdens, debt, and other restricting ties. 

Living in a minimalist fashion puts more focus on the experiences of life, rather than building up a bulk of possessions which easily hold little meaning. It aims to put more focus on the possessions that you do have by putting more meaning into them. 

Additionally, minimalist can also be a particular taste in décor. A minimalist’s home may see very little in terms of accessories or items and may be the very basic needs within a room, with a more neutral and less busy color scheme. 

Lagom, a Swedish word meaning “Not too much, not too little. Just right” is a phrase I now live by. I had the opportunity to live in Sweden for awhile and it’s something I took back to the US with me. I have found more balance in my life by following the minimalist Lagom lifestyle.

How Can Minimalism Be Beneficial? 

There are many great reasons for introducing more minimalism into your life:

  • More Freedom 

Fewer things mean less money. Not only will you have more freedom at home in terms of space and less clutter, but you’ll also have more freedom in your own mindset. You’ll have less worry in regard to items breaking, needing to be repaired, needing to be updated, or simply cared for.

You’ll also have less to worry about when it comes to moving since you’ll have less to move. 

  • A Clearer Home 

If housework is getting on top of you, or if you’re simply feeling stressed at home with lack of room or just too much stuff, simplifying everything can be a huge help. 

Not only will it be easier to keep your home clean and tidy, but you will have fewer items to attract dust and dirt, as well as have less clutter and a clearer room space.

  • Less Distraction From Material Possessions

When you’re too focused on material possessions, it can easily become a priority in life. You may constantly be thinking about the next smart gadget or upgrade you can buy, what your next purchase will be, or a never ending need to buy the latest of everything. 

This can easily clutter up your mind and have you focusing on purchases rather than the value of things. 

Furthermore, it can be very distracting when you already have too much. You might not be able to decide which gadget or item to try out next, may not be able to spend as much time as you would like to between all the new things you’ve bought, or maybe your savings goals are always focused on buying new things rather than treating yourself to new experiences. 

  • Higher Value on What You Do Have

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean refraining from buying anything at all. Its focus is on greater meaning with what you choose to have. You may only have a few items of furniture in a room, but if these items are items that you love, which you took a long time choosing and which are the height of style and comfort for you, they are valuable items that you will appreciate more. 

Minimalist tendencies will see you thinking more about the purchases you are making so that you can always ensure that everything means something to you and that it isn’t time or money wasted. 

  • A Better Handle on Money

A huge benefit of becoming more minimalist is the financial saving. When you’re focused on material gain or purchases, it’s very easy to live beyond your means or to rack up serious amounts of debts with loans, finances, and credit cards. It’s never too late to try and get a handle on your debt, and reducing your material purchases is a significant place to start.

In worse cases, you can always find support and expert assistance with a debt related lawsuit and money problems. 

5 Ways You Can Embrace Minimalism 

You don’t have to strip your home bare and devoid yourself of buying anything to become more minimalist. It can involve easy and simple steps that see you placing more focus on your purchases from now on, and holding higher regard for things which have more value to you, while eliminating those that don’t. 

  • Start Over 

It’s never too late to try and get rid of bad habits. Take the time to have a serious declutter and get rid of anything which isn’t needed or which isn’t valuable to you. Then, going forward, you can ensure that any new purchases or decisions made are in line with a more minimalist outlook. 

  • Put More Value in Less 

You may have an overflowing wardrobe with a million pairs of shoes, but maybe you only wear the same two pairs of shoes. It’s a good idea to have less of an item, but always use that item, rather than have many which never get used. 

With both decluttering and new purchases, think more about how you will use the item, how you will feel using it, and whether you have another which will already do the job. Put more focus on need and use rather than buying something for the sake of it. 

  • Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford 

Avoid thinking of future earnings and how you can pay something off; if you don’t have the money right now, then don’t buy it. If there is something you really want, wait and save up for it so that you can buy outright. You’ll also appreciate it more that way. 

  • Donate Your Goods 

You should never keep anything you don’t want out of guilt, and if you’re planning to declutter, it’s a good idea to donate unwanted items to charities or other good causes. That way, you get to live in a clearer home, and you’ve also helped others. 

  • Declutter Everything

Decluttering doesn’t just apply to your home and wardrobe – it applies to anything. You can declutter your inbox by unsubscribing to unwanted emails or declutter your wallet by getting rid of loyalty cards you don’t need.

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