5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Apartment

Posted May 12, 2020 by in Home
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Having a place all to yourself is great, but when you’re just starting out, or you live in an expensive city, you may only have a small space.

However, there are ways you can make the most of even the tiniest of apartments, so here are some things you can do to ensure it feels homely and welcoming:

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Keep Things You Don’t Use Much in Storage

The problem with small apartments is that many of them don’t have much in the way of storage space. Everyone has items they don’t use very often, but still want to keep hold of, from Christmas decorations to winter coats and sentimental items.

So, what can you do with them? One of the easiest options is to look online for ‘storage units near me, which will help you find cheap self-storage in your area. This means you can just keep the essentials in your apartment, and everything else is stored safely nearby.

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Buy Furniture That’s Multi-Purpose

Because the average home is getting smaller, it is becoming easier to find multi-purpose furniture that saves you space. This can include:

  • Coffee tables that open into dining tables
  • Beds with storage space underneath
  • Corner sofas that pull out into queen sized beds
  • Entertainment units that also have shelves for storage

There are lots of unique pieces of furniture that you can use to fill your apartment space, even oddly-shaped rooms, all you need is to find the right furniture for the space.

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Similar Desk: $279 via West Elm

Use Your Apartment’s Vertical Space

When people plan a small apartment, they focus on the floor space and how to best use it, but you also have a lot of vertical space that may be wasted. There are lots of ways you can use your apartment’s vertical space, from hanging shelves right up to the top of your ceiling, to creating colorful wall displays.

Using vertical space has two advantages, it draws the eye upwards so the room feels bigger, and it also means you have less stuff on the floor.

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Add a Mirror

A classic trick for making a small room feel bigger is to add a mirror. When you go into a room with a large mirror on one wall, your eye is fooled into think it’s twice the size, so it can make the room feel more spacious. 

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Make the Most of Natural Light

It’s also important to make the most of natural light in your small space. Smaller apartments often have small windows, so make them feel bigger by adding minimalistic blinds rather than big drapes. You could also use shiny surfaces to make rooms feel lighter, and use light shades in your interior’s design. 

An LED wall sign can also be a great option. A striking design feature that creates stunning ambience without taking up any floor or surface space. Perfect!

If you own your apartment, you may want to consider adding a skylight or similar feature if possible, as the extra light can make the rooms much more appealing.

natural light coming into apartment

There are many ways you can make a small apartment feel bigger, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just follow some of the tips above and you’ll notice a big difference.