5 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Chic on a Budget

Posted August 10, 2020 by in Decor

Why do magazine interiors always appear so perfect and impossible to replicate? To be honest, it takes a team of extremely talented designers, impeccable lighting, and a professional photographer to make interiors look that good. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to create a magazine-worthy interior—and do it on a budget to boot!

It would be nice if you had access to an interior designer to help you along the design journey. However, good designers are hard to find and many of them often come with a hefty price attached. But, fret not! A low bank balance shouldn’t deter you from designing your dream interior.

With a few subtle but budget-friendly design hacks, it is possible to add chic elements to your home no matter what budget you are working with.

Want to create a stylish and chic home without breaking the bank? Here are 5 ways to make your home look more chic on a budget:

Install an Indoor Swing

Ever visit a well-designed modern home and found an installed indoor swing hanging on the veranda or balcony? Or perhaps what you found was a swing with a stand that was calculatedly placed somewhere in the interior of the home. Wasn’t it a beauty?

Indoor swings are the ultimate home décor accessories for reading, relaxing, and sharing intimate moments with friends and loved ones. Indoor swings complement any cozy resting nook that you may have created in your house. What’s so great about indoor swings is that they are flexible.

For instance, a swing (great reviews here) can be used as a light cradle if you need to put a baby to sleep but it can also be a great spot for your meditation. It also makes one sweet snuggle spot when you need to isolate yourself in a cozy cocoon while you listen to music or watch as raindrops plummet your windows on a gloomy day (there is something delightfully cathartic about this).

Just in case you are thinking of installing the indoor swing yourself, don’t. Ensure that you have a professional do the installation for you, otherwise, a poor installation could become dangerous. For a more comfortable experience on your swing, you should also consider adding cushions or pillows.

The beauty of most indoor swings is that they can easily be relocated almost anywhere and they are easy to set up in minutes. Most are also quite affordable so that you can continue to decorate on a shoestring budget.

swing hanging indoors

Introduce Cohesion in Your Space With a Color Theme

It is always advisable to have a variation of color in your interiors because one or 2 color palettes that are overused can make your interior appear dated. That said, it is still essential to maintain a uniform color theme throughout your interior. For example, if your room primarily contains neutral elements, adding a pop of color such as orange or yellow with a wing chair, lamp or any other accessory can help your space stand out without doing too much.

When looking for a bright accessory for your space choose wisely. Will you need to move around the items already in your home to strike a balance? Will the prominent piece that you intend to add compete too much for attention? Is there sufficient negative space to let your colorful accessory shine? These are all the important questions you ought to ask yourself during the selection process.

colorful rug for living room

Add a Throw

There is nothing like a high-quality throw that’s been ever so gently tossed over the back of a chair or sofa to make your home look chick. The best part? Throws are dirt cheap these days that can be picked up from virtually any local retailer or any online décor shop worth its salt.

Fluffy throws are a wonderful cozy addition to your home that you will want to have in every room of the house. As well as being invaluable for cuddling sessions on the couch or long winter nights, throws are surprisingly versatile. Choose a colorful one to add a splash of color to your interior.

throw blanket decor idea

Bring in the Flowers

You’ll be surprised by what a couple of stems of flowers can do to refresh your home. The little burst of color and life that flowers and greenery in general provide can instantly elevate your room from drab to fab. A well-designed flower arrangement will work well in any room of your house.

Well-chosen blooms, whether they are faux or the real thing will lift your interiors instantly. Further still, a combination of the right bloom placed in the right vase can work to amplify your décor aesthetic. Obvious spots in your home where flowers will stand out effortlessly include the corner of a room, as an accent on your bedside table, the dining table, or the hallway.

Remember, you are not limited to just these spots. Thinking a little outside the box when it comes to where to place your flower displays is a great way to introduce a fun touch to your space. Consider changing up your flower color scheme to give your interior a new look every few weeks.

white daffodils.

Add a Statement Chair

Need your bedroom to look a little bolder or your living room to appear livelier? Investing in a standout chair piece will only make your space more inviting than it already is. Adding a statement chair is an excellent way to freshen up your interior without overhauling your décor completely because let’s be honest, who has the time or the budget?

The perfect accent chair can add a real finishing touch to your interior particularly when it is accessories with a lovely cushion or elegant side table. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you can alternatively go for a small but gorgeous cocktail chair that will work like a dream while adding vibrancy and character to a dreary spot of the house. However, if you are looking to add grandeur and sophistication, a wingback chair might be a more suitable addition.

yellow chair

Everybody wants an elegantly decorated house. But sometimes it isn’t always possible especially when money is a limited resource. The good news is that even though it might feel like it, you don’t need trillions of dollars to make your home look like it’s out of the pages of a magazine.

Whether you are trying to make your home more inviting, need the perfect background for your YouTube vlogs, or simply want to make your home more habitable, these tips above will help to make your home the sanctuary that you want it to be.