5 Ways to Match a Flannel Shirt with a Perfect Pair of Jeans

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Fashion

A flannel shirt is the essence of functional fashion. Function as it is warm and best for cold weather. During cold winter days, a flannel shirt is perfect for going out. A flannel shirt is fashionable; it can look magnificent if you style it correctly. A flannel button-down shirt and a pair of jeans are a perfect classic match. There are various ways to wear the flannel shirt -jeans outfit.

If you are confused about styling your flannel shirt, check out these tips on how to rock a flannel shirt with a pair of jeans.

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Go Skinny with Flannel Shirt

A pair of skinny jeans can combine with anything on the upper part; this includes a flannel shirt. You can do your button-down flannel shirt open or closed for this outfit. For darker flannel colors like black, blue, or green, look for lighter denim to accompany the tinge and make them stand out.

Skinny jeans balance well with the baggy look of a saggy button-down flannel shirt. One good thing about this style is that it is for all body types. Curvier women may prefer high waist skinnies to highlight the curves, while sporty ladies look better with low waist skinny jeans and a flannel shirt. 

Do It with Boots

When styling your flannel shirt with jeans, also consider the footwear. To achieve a classic western appeal, complete your outfit with a pair of matching boots. Ankle boots look better. You can finish this with a cute hat and a fluffy coat for that attractive rural stand. Select footwear that fits the entire jeans-flannel shirt outfit.

For example, skinny jeans go well with ankle boots, flats, or knee-high boots. Chunky boots are suitable for flared cut jeans, while boot cuts work well with straight cut jeans. Straight cut with boot cuts is best for freestyle; you can do all the regular chores in elegance.

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Have It Ripped

Ripped jeans are going with any style today. When matched with flannel shirts, they give a perfect laid-back, relaxed feel to your outfit. You can style it according to the weather; on warm days, ripped jeans bring the air needed to keep you cool. On cold-weather days, layer it up with leggings underneath to stay warm. For that magnificent look, choose colors that match your flannel shirt, whether it is plain or patterned.

You can also select a black or even toned layer for better matching.

Woman with red hair wearing a red flannel shirt and black ripped jeans

Stand Tall with High-Rise Jeans

High-rise jeans elongate your legs to give that attractive fashion-forward look. Wear your button-down flannel shirt open, and one side tucked in to emphasize your beautiful legs. For a buttoned-up flannel shirt, tuck in to floss the high-rise jeans. Complete the look with chunky-heeled ankle boots.

Style Tip: Tuck the entire flannel shirt hem into your jeans, then slip on a designer belt. Show off your special belt buckles, which can be any pattern you customize, retro, trendy or cute, can add a finishing touch to your overall look.

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Show the Layers

Styling your Blank Label button-down with a primary tank under it gives an ample chance to floss the layers. Allow your layers to stand out all through with a perfect fit or relaxed tee underneath. Any denim works well with this style. You will have a unique sense of fashion all day. It is an elegant fashion that is suitable for both men and women.

Crop of blue flannel shirt

Flannel shirts matched with jeans is a fashion that is not ending. It is a trend that gets better from generation to generation. With so many ways of styling, it gives you a chance to boast of your flare. With these tips and more, you can floss your elegant jeans-flannel shirt style.