5 Ways to Support Artists During COVID-19

Posted July 10, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has heavily affected the arts sector. With unemployment at an all-time high, many people do not have the expendable income they once did to spend it on arts. Additionally, many live theater venues, such as Broadway in New York City, have announced that they will maintain their closure until 2021.

But, this trickle-down effect is making it very difficult for artists to make ends meet. So, in this post, we’ll be discussing how you can support artists during this time. Read on for more information:

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  1. Listen to What Artists Need

You may think that because artists are out of work, all they want is money or to make sales. But, that’s not quite true for every sector.

Listen to what artists want when it comes to their jobs or protection. Have you seen people post on social media about signing petitions? Have you seen people ask about spreading the word on certain bills or sending emails and letters to specific senators and members of Congress? If so, try and meet them where they are.

Artists know not everyone has money to donate right now, so try and get behind them to show your support in other ways.

  1. Share Their Work or Service

If you know artists who are out of work or struggling, it only takes a few minutes to share their work on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While you may not be able to buy the things you’d like to purchase from them in an ideal world, perhaps you can hook them up with someone who will.

Additionally, many actors are offering coach or lessons via the Internet. While you may not be interested in it, you can always pass it on. You never know who you’re influencing to begin lessons from your artist friends.

  1. Buy From Independent Brands If You Can Buy Art

Seek out local or independent artists on websites like Etsy or through friends. If you’re interested in making a purchase, try and do so at that level. While big brands are hurting right now, smaller independent artists will be much more grateful for your business.

Julio Designs, for example, sells gorgeous jewelry and is comprised of a small group of women on its staff. While Julio Designs isn’t a one-man band, it is a small business that has taken a hard hit from COVID, and likely depends on people like yourself to keep them open.

Remember: you can often find items that are pretty similar to what you can purchase from big companies, and sometimes even of better quality. You can get the same aesthetic or idea you’re after while helping artists at the same time.

  1. Sign Petitions and Send Letters, Even If Your Artist Friends Aren’t Aware of Them

In our first tip, we told you to listen to your artist friends and spread awareness on things they’ve specifically asked for in terms of sending emails and signing petitions. While it is important to listen to those in your social circle, it is also important to listen to the artistic community at large.

There are a plethora of emails, that have mostly already been written for you, you can send to Congress as well as numerous petitions for you to sign. Some of them are more local than others, but it is important for artists that you have their back.

Click here to see a wide array of letter templates and petitions that are ready for you to sign or send to your local Congressperson. 

  1. Organize a Local Talent Night for Professional Performing Artists Who are Unemployed

As venues and public places begin to open up again, you may wish to organize a talent show for performing artists who are unemployed due to COVID. You can charge a fee at the door, as well as collect donations to split amongst those who are currently unemployed.

Encourage artists to advertise their work or their wares around the theater and before or after the show.

However, remember that rules regarding gathering in a public place will vary from country to country, as well as state to state. In some cases, they may vary from town to town.

If you’re unable to put something like this together in person, why not try and organize one online for the local community? You can advertise in local groups, and have the event one that takes place over Zoom. Again, encourage local artists to advertise their wares and their services so that people are aware of them.

This gives performing artists a way to “flex their muscles,” so to speak, as most performing artists have a love for the craft at their core. It is also a way to show off the talent in your local community, giving people the opportunity to see what there is.

Coming together to support artists is necessary now more than ever, and we hope that together, you can all use your voices to rise up and lift up artists who are struggling.

This pandemic has affected most of us in ways we truly never could have expected, and we can only hope that by coming together to help those who are struggling, we can help them overcome this hurdle.

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